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I have always dreamed of running my own business, being my own boss, and being a "boss" to my employees. Not that I want to be "the boss," but as cliche as it may sound, I want to help people, I want to give jobs to people especially those who haven't finished their schooling. 

Earning a degree in Accountancy and working for a couple of retail companies right after I graduated, I am used to doing numbers. And it's quite inevitable that while working as an Accounting Assistant, I imagined myself calculating my own future company's gains and revenues. Working with these retail companies have also taught me to appreciate the people who are not lucky enough to finish college.

Friendly and sociable as I am, I was able to talk to all types of employees - the corporate gents and ladies at the office, sales associates assigned at the mall and stockroom, the warehouse folks, the factory guys, the delivery people, literally everyone from the company. I love talking to them and hear their stories - their struggles at work, on how the bosses and some officers treat them, their minimum salary wage, their non-permanent contract and their fear of not being renewed, their lack of benefits from the company, and their personal life. I guess that adds another proof of my being a people-person. In fact, even if I only worked for these companies for less than 2 years (11 months on my first company, and 8 months on my second), I have found "permanent" friends from these companies, and I'm actually a ninong to their kids! 

The perfect pair

It was 2015 when I am finally determined to put up my own business. Not that I want to quit being a corporate slave, but like everyone else, I just want some extra income. But it's not that easy. Considering all the factors in putting up a business, it's never an easy plan. I wanted to start in my hometown, Mapandan, because firstly, rent is relatively cheaper, and secondly, I've thought of my parents to manage it. However, I couldn't think of a business that is sustainable and can survive in my hometown. For me, Mapandan is not that good of a target market for a business because the fortunate people of Mapandan tend to go to nearby towns to buy their needs because they have more choices.

Finally, in 2017, along with my cousins as partners, we have finally agreed on a business plan - a beer pub. Since my cousins and I always stay up late and we normally finish our inuman sessions with our friends way too late, it has always been a problem whenever we ran out of bottles. Yeah, 7-Eleven is there, but we all know how overpriced 7-Eleven is, and they don't offer good options for pulutans but the chips. The reliable "pigar-pigar" places can be found at nearby towns, and in the province, it's already considered extreme going out of town just to get the pulutan or the "banlaw" meal after the drinking session. Yep, there's no beer pub in Mapandan! There used to be one and it was really successful, but it shut down its operations because according to its patrons, it was mismanaged by the owner himself due to his habits.

May 12, 2017 when Papo's Place finally opened. We named it after my cousin, Kuya Papo, since he will be the one responsible for managing the place, and we thought it might be a good idea since he's really popular in our place especially with the beer-drinking audience. 

Thankfully, the response was overwhelming. Our fellow Mapandanians love the place, and they casually exclaimed how happy they are that there's finally a beer pub in town. Papo's Place is known for serving ice cold, below zero beers. Unlike any other beer pubs, Papo's Place ensures that we serve the beers ice cold, you wouldn't even think of asking for ice. 

The bestselling barbecue
Another bestseller is the well-marinated and smoky, flavorful pork barbecue. It was so delicious that another entrepreneur who sells barbecues asked for our recipe. (Naks!) Credits to our barbecue master for a truly delightful recipe. Other Pinoy grill favorites are also available such as isaw, adidas, and helmet.

With its al fresco ambiance, Papo's Place is a perfect chill spot for friends and even lovers catching up or bonding over beer. With friendly staff, good music (videoke is also readily available if a customer wants to sing his or her heart out), good food, and ice cold beers, you surely will enjoy a good night at Papo's Place. 

Papo's Place at 3:26 AM

A beer pub may not be my dream business, but it surely was a good investment and a good start. As much as I want to be a good influence in our community (I know drinking alcohol is bad), I'd like to believe that I can't do anything about the people wanting for beer for some chill time. And honestly, having Papo's Place and spending some of my free time there gives me a refreshing feeling, especially when I get to talk to some of the customers. Some I know, while some are total strangers, but believe me, beers sometimes can introduce you to new friends. I get to listen to their stories, and sometimes I also get to inspire them with my "feeling accomplished" talks and stories. And also, don't worry, guys, we don't serve alcohols to minors. 

Visit Papo's Place at 433 Pandan Ave. Poblacion, Mapandan, Pangasinan (near Calimlim Commercial Complex, Mapandan Gas Station and Centrum Mapandan.) We are open Mondays to Saturdays, from 4pm until 1am or until the last person leaves. 

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