JM De Guzman Writes a Song for His Hukbo

JM's original composition of a song dedicated to his fans.

People in the entertainment industry are privy of how JM De Guzman failed his career and personal life miserably because of use of illegal drugs. He has been given a second chance after his first comeback, but JM ended this chance with another disappointment.

This led many to wonder how problematic and fragile JM is. He was already able to regain his popularity with his comeback movies, That Thing Called Tadhana and Tandem, which has given him a blockbuster record and a new set of acting trophies. He was also spearheading the top-rating afternoon drama series, All of Me. But even with all these success, he eventually still broke down and failed again. 

With his infamous breakdown, JM went to hiatus again and was sent to the rehab for the second time. This event in his life allowed the people to judge him even more ridiculously. He got the worst and most depressing comments such as "wala ng pag-asa yan", "hindi na magbabago yan", "'wag nang bigyan ng chance 'yan". These words got into him and actually gave him the motivation to prove all his doubters wrong. These bad remarks inspired him to fight back, get up, and prove once again his worth. 

Amidst all the negative impressions about him, there are a few people who have not given up on him - his family, friends, and his Hukbo. These people served as JM's angels during his darkest hours in the rehabilitation center. With unconditional love and never-ending support, these people gave him the drive to wake up and recover himself fully.

Over the long haul, he finally found himself really determined to leave all his demons behind. He wanted to reciprocate the love and trust he gets from these people. Then one day, JM woke up emotional as he realized how truly blessed he is with the unfading support he gets from his Hukbo. 

Unaware of what lies ahead of him when he gets out of the rehab, JM wanted to exclaim how thankful he is for his fans and supporters. He sincerely wanted to send his gratefulness to these loyal bunch. How else could a man so deep and full of emotion do this, but to write a song. He spared some of his time in the rehab to write a song for his hukbo (see first photo). Obviously, as his composition suggests, JM sincerely loves and appreciates his fans. I'm sure all his hukbo are looking forward for this song to be released soon. (According to JM, he's still working on the tune.)

Luckily, JM's second comeback in the entertainment scene was a blast. He is back on track and is currently making positive headlines again with his top-rating afternoon drama series, countless TV guesting, a number of upcoming movies, mall shows, concerts, etcetera. JM has made another good comeback and has now the unwavering focus to regain his long overdue success. 

With his undeniable talent, positive attitude and hunger for renewed greatness, this man will always have my support all the way. Laban lang, Tsong! 


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