JM De Guzman is Now Better Than Ever

As labeled in almost every introduction, JM De Guzman is known as one of the country's best actors of today. This is one of the reasons why despite his gloomy and unwanted past, which every Filipino fans know about, he still gets the same or even bigger love whenever he makes a comeback. 

JM's fans are not limited to the members of his fan clubs. I know this because I have lots of friends who are swooning over him, but are not into fan clubs. Believe me, whenever I post a photo of this good pal, I would get a flooded inbox hours after. This kind of reaction and acceptance coming from fans all over the country is really overwhelming. I mean, being someone who know JM personally, during his trying times, I get tons of messages asking for updates about him and surprisingly, I get more messages of encouragement than hate -- more "sana makabalik siya" than "buti nga sa kanya" messages. This is also evident in various social media pages. 

Aside from JM's family and friends, who else could give this extra special love and support to him but his most loyal fans club - Hukbong JM. The guys and ladies behind this group are all wonderful people who have not given up on JM. Since JM's rookie year in showbiz, to his first downfall, first comeback, second downfall, and now on his second and final comeback (yes, I'm claiming this is his final comeback because he's here to stay now), Hukbong JM has never got tired of showing love and support to JM. 

Last August 26 at the Flight Bar along Tomas Morato in Quezon City, Hukbong JM spent their very successful 8th Anniversary Celebration. Spearheaded by Carmel, who came all the way from Cebu City, along with admins Alison, MJ, Maui, Karla, Tina and Sheila, the party came with lots of energy and enthusiasm. It also became a surprise advanced birthday celebration for JM, who will be celebrating his natal day on September 9th. 

JM and his family spent his Sunday afternoon with Hukbong JM. Fans got the chance to play games and took photos with JM as well and it was fascinating to see the reactions from their faces, especially the first-timers! They've seen JM during his mall shows, but they exclaimed how surreal and marvelous it was to be seeing him up close. 

As a treat to his fans, JM also had a mini-concert which made the fans swoon and scream even louder. It was definitely a moment to remember for every JM fans inside the hall, especially to those who have traveled all the way from Cebu, Davao, Palawan, Bacolod, Mindoro, Bataan, Laguna, Cavite, Tarlac and Pampanga, to name a few. See the commitment and dedication of these fans? Yep, that's how they show their love and support to our beloved JM. Amazing isn't it?

JM acts as a human capo while his younger brother Matthew performs.
As sweet as he is, JM has no words and can't contain his appreciation to his most loyal and loving fans. He can't stress enough how grateful and thankful he is for getting a love so big he thinks he doesn't deserve it. But this man, JM, is extraordinarily special -- his talent, attitude and passion are what makes him truly admirable.

JM, during one of the games
Always calm and collected, JM radiates a pleasant vibe. I personally love how unafraid he is to be genuine. He is very much willing to share his experiences in the industry, both the good and the bad.

Knowing the importance of having the right mindset and the right work ethic, and bearing in mind the constant love from his family and friends, JM acknowledges his bashers but does not feed into their negativity. Instead, he accepts it and tries his best to convert it to a powerful energy to motivate him. He tries to make the best out of the situation. He accepts his mistakes and he knows he's not perfect. 

I can go on and cite so many reasons why JM's fans continue to love him and why his comeback is always welcomed with open arms and loving hearts. But I'd let you explore and learn that yourself. He is very visible now as he stars the top-rating Kapamilya series, Araw Gabi with Barbie Imperial on weekdays, and he can also be seen in ASAP during Sundays. He's also currently doing a film opposite Kapuso actress, Rhian Ramos

Evidently, this buddy has so much more to give. He will not settle for less than excellence. He's not the one to rest on past accomplishments. I'm just truly glad and happy that our good friend, Juan Miguel is back and is now better than ever!

JM De Guzman is so much stronger now. 😅

Check out some of his performances during this event:


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