Birthday Trio

The celebrants.

Our grandmother is called Inang by everyone in our community. People in our street, my friends and classmates, my cousins' friends, my mom's friends, my aunts' and uncles' friends, we all call her Inang. In fact, even her younger sisters call her that. (For non-Pinoy readers, "inang" means "mother." ) So I guess it's safe to claim her title as Inang ng Bayan in our place. 

This is maybe because her house is open to everyone. From generations to generations, all her children's and grandchildren's friends are always welcome in her house. She knows all her family members' friends. She's kind and welcoming to literally everyone. She's not the typical granny who kicks everyone out if you throw a party at home and finish late. She even keeps track of the attendance on who goes home first. No curfews. Yep, she's that cool. 

I was very lucky to share the same birthday with my Inang - August 3. Well, probably because I always get to celebrate my birthday with family and friends without spending much. The normal setup is that Inang takes care of the food, and I take care of the alcohol afterwards. Actually, there are 3 of us in our family that are August-born. Inang and I on the 3rd of August, and Auntie Leah on the 9th. 

This year, Inang and Auntie Leah are celebrating their milestones. Inang turns 85 and Auntie Leah turns 50, so the family decided to make the celebration a little lavish than what we're used to. There was a a bit of a discussion on this one since Inang, as cool as she is, is still somewhat traditional when it comes to celebration. She opts to celebrate in her house - one, because she loves celebrating in her house; two, it's more convenient for her to stay at home; and three, it's way less costly. But this time, thankfully, Inang was convinced (thanks also to the erratic weather) to celebrate it in a different venue - Cora's Manor and Garden. It was a triple birthday celebration for us! Unfortunately though, Aunt Leah was not able to go home since she's already based in the United States. 

Balloon setup by Way Beyond Balloons

The star of the night, everyone's beloved Inang.

Anyway, the celebration was fun despite the bad, erratic weather. Close family friends and relatives graced the occasion and have helped in making it even more memorable. To my surprise, everybody participated during the program where speeches were given by all of Inang's siblings, children and grand kids. 

Cakes by Sprinkles Cakeshop

Birthday cake for Inang

Birthday cake for me

Birthday cake for Aunt Leah

An audio-visual presentation was also prepared by my sister, that includes messages and greetings from relatives abroad who were not able to make it, and some local celebrities like Rocco Nacino and JM De Guzman, and it made Inang emotional while watching. 

A bunch of thank you's to Cora's Manor and Garden for the venue and good service, and for providing the host, Amir Abdalla, who also did an awesome job; Way Beyond Balloons for the balloon arrangement and venue setup, and Sprinkles Cakeshop for the delightful and tasty cakes.

Dos Mil Tres (Batch 2003) - my high school friends

With my mom, dad, siblings and Inang.

The Moyano/Muyano Family

Dos Mil Tres

It was truly an unforgettable birthday especially for Inang. We're all glad she totally had fun during the evening. Here's an amateur SDE video made by my sister, Steffi Gaile, showing some highlights of this one memorable occasion. 

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