Rocco Nacino's All Out Surprise Under the Stars

Rocco Nacino made the netizens go loco when his Bench underwear photo finally came out – as it was certainly one of the most daring shoots of the retail giant’s campaign for their 30th anniversary. While Bench added a bunch of younger actors to go sexy with Bench Body, Rocco’s photo easily stood out.

And just when everyone thought it was Rocco’s most daring act yet, he surprised the whole nation when he appeared on stage during the most anticipated Bench Under the Stars Fashion Show last Saturday, November 18, at the Mall of Asia Arena. 


He has once again proven that he is not just an excellent actor. He is the type who doesn’t easily rest on his comfort zone. He constantly reinvents himself and is always up for things that could challenge him.

The lighting ruined this photo (and all others, actually).
At the Bench Under the Stars Fashion Show, he made the crowd go wild and crazy as he owned the runway wearing a t-back. Fans couldn’t stop screaming as Rocco steals the show with his ‘peachy’ surprise. Without a doubt, Rocco Nacino is one of the obvious highlights of this year’s Bench fashion show – social media proves this. 

Truly blessed with talent and passion for everything he does, nothing can really stop Rocco in making a name for himself.

Here's a video of his performance:

Click here for the full video: Rocco Nacino shows off his butt

Now, should we wait for another 2 years for Rocco’s next daring act? We’ll see. For now, let’s be glad with these photos during the Bench Under the Stars show. Credits to owners.

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