Can Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz Still Be Friends?

From their blockbuster hit during their first pairing in 2016, Always Be My Maybe, Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz are back in the big screen with another romantic story that anyone who has gone through long-term relationships and break-ups can relate to. In their latest movie, Can We Still Be Friends, directed by Prime Cruz - who is also having his mainstream debut, Gerald and Arci help you give an answer to the magical question, "can you be friends with your ex?"

In the movie, Diego (played by Gerald) and Sam (played by Arci) explore the rollercoaster of emotions of a couple who have been together for eight years. They then reach a point in their relationship where familiarity breeds contempt, and their relationship becomes boring. They decide to take a break from their relationship. 

This is where the movie gradually shows scenes that happens in reality -- how some ex-lovers can or cannot be friends. Gerald and Arci’s chemistry is undeniable on screen, and they both give really good performances in this movie. 

We had a chance to have a digital conference with Gerald, Direk Prime Cruz, Juan Miguel Severo and writer Jenilee Chuaunsu at B&P All Day Breakfast in Ortigas, and asked them some questions on their take on relationships (and some questions about the movie, of course). Gerald admitted that he’s been through this kind of story in his life, and he admitted that in the industry where he works, he can’t help but be friends with his exes.

Here are some of the clips from the digicon:

One of the highlights in the movie was the wedding vow, created by spoken poem master Juan Miguel Severo, and he willingly gave us a sample during the digicon:

Can We Still Be Friends earned 7 million pesos during its first day of showing and is still showing in cinemas nationwide! 

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