LizQuen's Ex and Whys

The most good-looking pair in Philippine cinema today, Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano, continue to chase forever in Star Cinema's official Valentine offering, My Ex and Whys.  

Directed by box-office director Cathy Garcia-Molina, who is widely considered as an icon in the rom-com genre, My Ex And Whys marks her very first film project with LizQuen.

In the movie, Enrique and Liza play ex-couple Gio and Cali. Cali could not move on with the fact that Gio cheated on her and the two are reunited by an unexpected project that could bring them back together. Gio wants to prove that he is a changed man, but Cali refuses to believe him. The estranged couple flies to Korea for an event and Cali gets the shock of her life as she finds herself confused with her feelings for Gio all over again.

During the media conference with Direk Cathy, Liza and Enrique, Liza admits that she can not relate with Cali, since she has not experienced heartbreak in real life. It was really a challenge for her, but according to those who have seen the movie during the premiere night, Liza did a really brilliant performance in the movie.

She also did not expect that her line "panget ba 'ko?" will go viral. Of course, why would a Liza Soberano, who is considered as one of the prettiest faces in the world today, say that?

Liza also admitted that it sometimes hurt her whenever people see her as beautiful, because she wants people to see her beyond her pretty face. She wants to be recognized for her efforts, talents and skills that she's capable of doing. That she's more than just a pretty face. Don't worry, Liza. We believe in your talents and your personality. You are beautiful inside and out. 

My Ex And Whys is now officially part of Star Cinema’s great tradition of bringing high caliber romantic movies every February and it marks the very first Valentine film collaboration between Enrique and Liza. My Ex And Whys takes after the unforgettable roster of Star Cinema movies that have romanced millions of moviegoers such as Miss You Like Crazy (2010), Unofficially Yours (2012), Starting Over Again (2014), Crazy Beautiful You (2015), and Unofficially Yours (2016) to mention a few.       

With LizQuen and Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina, fans can look forward to the ultimate feel-good, romantic experience this Valentine season. My Ex And Whys is the perfect Valentine flick not just for couples but for singles and the whole family as well.

Be part of Gio’s and Cali’s emotional journey. Could Cali find it in her heart to trust Gio again for their love to have another chance? Find out and witness if love will win the second time around. My Ex And Whys hits cinemas nationwide starting Feb. 15.

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