Dennis Trillo Teases in His Wet Swim Trunks

Fans have waited long to see Dennis Trillo appear in a sexy underwear. Despite being considered as one of the hottest men in the country, the talented actor have been very reluctant in posing sexy. 

It was only in the Bench The Naked Truth Fashion Show in September 2014 when Dennis has finally fulfilled his daydreamers' sexual fantasies, when he did the runway alongside his "beh", his My Husband's Lover co-star, Tom Rodriguez wearing a sexy Bench Body underwear! TomDen was hands down one of the show's highlights that night! 

Now in his latest movie with Anne Curtis and Paolo Ballesteros, "Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo May Boyfriend," Dennis has conquered another first as he finally agreed to have a scene showing his glorious physique in wet swimming trunks. His manager Popoy Caritativo uploaded a video of the movie's behind the scenes footage showing Dennis as he arise from the pool donning just a skimpy swimming trunk - which, as expected, went viral.

During one of the blocked screenings for his movie, we got the chance to interview Dennis and asked him on what convinced him to do his scene. 

Just in case you missed it, here's the uploaded behind the scene footage that immediately went viral.

And here are some more:

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