Anne Curtis Discovers Dennis Trillo's Boyfriend

It’s amazing how Filipino filmmakers are now exploring new and risky themes when creating mainstream movies. Pinoy moviegoers used to rely on the independent film producers whenever they wanted risky topics such as gay romance, but Viva Films and Idea First Company were brave enough to show the mainstream audience a story that concerns the gay community.

Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo, May Boyfriend?! has brought to us for the first time, three of the country’s most popular stars in a funny tale of love, friendship and romance, under the direction of Jun Lana.

Talented actors, Anne Curtis, Paolo Ballesteros and Dennis Trillo don’t seem to mind the fact that they belong to rival stations, and even rival shows (we all know Paolo is on Eat! Bulaga, while Anne is on It’s Showtime) as their chemistry on screen as a trio is really exceptional.

In the film, Anne plays the role of Kylie, a girl seemingly cursed for having failed romances with boyfriends who eventually turn out to be gays. She and her friends even aptly refer to her as the “Cover Girl” of closeted gays.

Paolo, meanwhile, is Benj, Kylie’s “paminta” gay best friend and business partner, who spends hours at the gym training his sights on hunky, buff bodies, and who is still so secretly in love with his college best friend Diego, played by Dennis.

Upon learning about Diego’s plan to get married, Benj’s hope of spending his forever with him has shattered. Since Benj has always believed that Diego is a closeted gay, he asked Kylie’s expertise to investigate and find out whether Diego is a straight or is also gay just like Benj? 

The official teaser of Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo, May Boyfriend?! has become a social media favorite in no time. Netizens are all enthusiastic over it since VIVA Films launched it through Anne Curtis’ Official Facebook page. In less than 24 hours, the teaser posted 2.8 million views. So far, the number of hits had grown to over 4.9 million. No wonder why it had a jampacked premiere last night, October 18 at SM Megamall.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because on top of its three lead characters is a unique and crazy tale about love and relationships, which also addresses the millennial question, Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo, May Boyfriend?!, which is somehow really close to reality nowadays. 

Anne Curtis is one of the best actresses of her generation. She definitely tops the list when it comes to charm and appeal to the masses, and she has proven that again this time. She’s a natural “babaeng bakla” even if she is astoundingly beautiful. She can be really sosyal, and can also be jologs in a snap, effortlessly. She’s a natural when it comes to being funny, credits to her exposure in her noontime show. She is so lovely and beautiful in this movie -- no need for heavy makeup, sexy outfits and daring scenes. Anne didn’t have to play sexy this time, but is still so fun and refreshing to watch. No wonder why even gays are attracted to her.

Paolo Ballesteros is a known funny and talented guy, which is very visible in his noontime show. He has earned worldwide admiration for his remarkable makeup transformations, and is continuously entertaining the nation with his various comedic acts. He is one of the most reliable when it comes to portraying gay roles – may it be a closeted gay or a drag queen. Paolo brings so much laughter in the film as Anne’s gay best friend -- well, we all know how funny gays can be in real life -- and Paolo is so natural whenever he delivers his punch lines. His fellow cast members and the director revealed during the press conference that Paolo tends to do some adlibs, to add up humor to his lines. Really talented Paolo!

Dennis Trillo, who is one of the country’s top leading man, is unquestionably an acting gem. After his critically acclaimed acting mettle in Felix Manalo, which gave him several awards and nominations from various award-giving bodies; he also was recently named as the first Filipino to win the Asian Star Prize Award at the Seoul International Drama Awards for his brilliant performance in the teleserye, My Faithful Husband

Dennis is not new to gay-themed projects. He has won several awards being a transgender in Aishite Imasu, and who would forget his outstanding performance as a gay lover of Tom Rodriguez in the phenomenal teleserye, My Husband’s Lover.

Dennis is a known genius when it comes to acting that he can easily nail his every performance in all of his projects. So what's new with Dennis in this movie? A really talented actor who is always willing to accept challenges in his roles, Dennis surprises the audience as he lets go of his being shy and conservative as he finally agrees to appear sexy in his most daring movie appearance yet. Well, Dennis wowed everyone and became the talk of the town when he walked the Bench: The Naked Truth stage two years ago donning a pair of Bench underwear, and he has taken that hunky sexiness in this film. Yup, Dennis has done some teasing and pleasing in his wet swim trunks in Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo, May Boyfriend?!. Aside from Dennis’ gym-fit bod and charm to women and gays alike, expect Dennis in another remarkable performance in this movie. 

The trio is also supported by equally talented actors. You will hate Yam Concepcion as the future bride, but you'll definitely laugh your ass out with newcomer Sinon Loresca (aka Rogelia in Eat Bulaga's Kalyeserye), and veteran actor Michael De Mesa. Also in the cast are Yayo Aguila, Donnalyn Bartolome, Will Devaughn, Prince Stefan, Joross Gamboa, and Alma Concepcion.

With the perfect lead cast, this is a run-away winner. A fun movie about love, friendship and romance, join Anne, Paolo and Dennis as they search for the answer to the millennial question with this year’s much talked about romantic comedy movie, Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo, May Boyfriend?!. It opens in theaters nationwide on October 19. 

Here's the full trailer:

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