A Glimpse on the Life of Iglesia Ni Cristo's Felix Manalo

VIVA Films mounts yet another production of epic proportion as it presents the Felix Manalo biographical film under the direction of multi-award-winning Joel Lamangan and an all-stellar, never before assembled cast. Scheduled for release in theaters nationwide on October 7, Felix Manalo is expected to bring inspiration to the Filipino people and give awareness on how Iglesia Ni Cristo's members' faith is being honed.

Recorded as the most expensive Filipino film in history, this will open the minds of every Filipino on who Felix Manalo really was before becoming the leader of one of the country's most influential religion. The film doesn't intend to convert its audience to join their group, but it merely wants to share how INC has achieved its current status and also share their beliefs, which is often questioned by many.

Topbilled by versatile actor Dennis Trillo in the role of Felix Manalo, the First Executive Minister of Iglesia ni Cristo, and Bela Padilla as Honorata, Ka Felix's wife, the monumental film traces the origins and growth of the INC church from its humble beginnings in 1914 through the present day.

 It is brilliantly framed by the life of Felix from the time of his birth in 1886 until his demise in 1963.

Shooting took all of 57 days over a period of eight months involving some of the country's award-winning production people whose extensive research, through the kind accommodation of the Iglesia ni Cristo, resulted in elaborate production sets and costumes that replicate multiple or specific time periods depicted in the movie.

Interestingly, Felix Manalo cuts across deeply rooted religions as it relays Ka Felix's trials and tribulations in his search for the true faith.

 It is an excellent showcase of how one man can overcome challenges about his love of God.

The film is essentially a love story between God and man, between Ka Felix and his faith in God, Ka Felix and his wife Honorata and Ka Felix and the Iglesia ni Cristo.

Moviegoers will come to know, through the film, who Ka Felix was, as it depicts him like any normal human being -- a dutiful husband and a doting father.

The top-notch production names included in Direk Joel's team are director of photography, Rody Lacap, costume designer, Joel Marcelo Bilbao, production designer, Edgar Littaua, Danny Red, set design and construction, musical director, Von de Guzman and sound engineer, Albert Michael Idioma.

Direk Joel Lamangan, Bela Padilla and Dennis Trillo during the Felix Manalo Movie Grand Presscon

Portraying the role of Felix Manalo is an acclaimed versatile and multi-awarded actor Dennis Trillo. Well, who dares to question Dennis' performance as an actor? Dennis has always been praised because of his bold decisions to portray different kinds of roles, and always ends up giving luminous performances. Even if not an INC member, Dennis had accepted the role since he saw this opportunity as another challenge in his career. Playing someone who has a huge impact to the Filipino community is a big honor and is also a big pressure, but he trusts the whole production crew, co-actors and the director to help him show his best. Based on the trailer, Dennis is definitely the perfect choice to play the title role, transcending different phases of Felix Manalo's life.

Lending support to Dennis, meanwhile, is a cast of a hundred stars like Bela Padilla, who plays Felix Manalo's wife, Lorna Tolentino, Gabby Concepcion, Joel Torre, Phillip Salvador, Elizabeth Oropesa, Bembol Roco, Eddie Gutierrez, Tony Mabesa, Raymond Bagatsing, Alice Dixson, TJ Trinidad, Jaime Fabregas, Jaclyn Jose, Roxanne Barcelo, Jacky Woo, Richard Yap, Mylene Dizon, Yul Servo, Gladys Reyes, Christopher Roxas, Mon Confiado, Bobby Andrews, Antonio Aquitania, Ruru Madrid and many more.



For a sneak peek on Felix Manalo's teaser trailer and other updates, visit VIVA ENT YouTube channel and its official website www.felixmanalothemovie.com. You can also view it here:

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