Kathryn Bernardo Launches Something Pink

Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo is undoubtedly one of the most followed celebrities in the country. And even with her busy schedule and flooded social media accounts, Kathryn still wants to be connected to her legions of fans.

So to please her fans and keep them all updated on her everyday life, Kath launches her very own website! Instead of replying to her social media accounts, which are easily accessed by haters and bashers, Kath has decided to launch a website where her fans can view her lifestyle, her OOTDs, her travel photos, and can even chat with her exclusively.

Despite her busy schedule, Kath, together with her web developer and web advisor, promises to post updates on the website at least once a week. Kath assures that all updates to be posted in the website will be posted by her, with the help of her web advisor.

The website's layout and designs, which is dominantly pink, is Kath's own personal choices, and is based on her personality. This is so her fans can feel her presence by just merely visiting her website.

Visit www.kathbernardo.com and get a chance to be stalked by Kathryn herself and be featured in her website!

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