Piolo Pascual's Breakup Playlist

Star Cinema has finally bring together the country's uncontested superstars for the very first time. The country's ultimate heartthrob, Piolo Pascual, who was just recently named as the 2014 Box Office King at the 46th Box Office Entertainment Awards of the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation for Starting Over Again, is set to touch the moviegoers' hearts once again in his upcoming movie, The Breakup Playlist. This time, Piolo will be paired with the 3-time Box Office Queen Awardee, Sarah Geronimo.

Written and directed by the genius tandem of real-life couple behind the breakout movies English Only, Please and That Thing Called Tadhana - Dan Villegas and Antoinette Jadaone, The Breakup Playlist will definitely assure the moviegoers a different spin on Pinoy romantic films. Backed by its exciting story and Villegas and Jadaone's fresh takes on moviemaking, this Piolo-Sarah tandem is definitely worth the wait.

The Breakup Playlist is a love story about a band vocalist named Gino (Piolo), who recruits a young law student named Trixie (Sarah) to become his singing partner. Then, their chemistry onstage eventually turns into a real-life romance. However, Gino realizes that his greatest love is becoming his greatest rival. Gino's insecurities as an artist floats up, which forces Trixie to quit the band and their relationship. Years after their breakup, Gino and Trixie cross paths again for a reunion concert that opens up the chance of falling back into love again.

During the bloggers conference, Piolo mentioned that doing a movie with Sarah is actually part of his bucket list as an actor. He said, "I've waited very long, and the opportunity presented itself when Sarah was working with Lloydie (John Lloyd Cruz), so we had to wait for a while before we did this. The script was so good and since Sarah was in my bucket list, I never hesitated to do this with her." 

Asked about how he and Sarah managed to pull off the chemistry despite their age gap, he said, "The movie talks about love and relationships, and everybody can relate to it. The movie's also very timely because Sarah has been through lots of movies already, so we didn't find any disparity as far as our age went during the filming. Well, I hope it didn't come out that way at all when you see the movie even if I have gray hair."

The Breakup Playlist, of course, showcases Piolo and Sarah's talents in music as well. Piolo recalled how difficult it was for him to record one of the songs in their soundtrack, "Patawarin", especially since he had just finished doing the scene where he was asked to perform the song live, and it was really an emotional scene. He admitted that it actually got him crying while recording because he was still into that scene. The movie also features some of the country's rock music icons such as Basti Artadi and Ebe Dancel, but unfortunately, Piolo wasn't able to talk about making music with them because their schedules were so tight. He still hopes to make music with them soon.

How does a Piolo Pascual handle breakups? He said, "Personally, you have to look at the good side. It's so much better to just think of the good things that you experienced together instead of thinking of the negative things that happened, because in the course of time, sa relationship nyo, naging masaya naman kayo. You look at the positive side of things instead of focusing on the negative things that destroyed you so you have a good picture with the one you had a relationship with."

How about Piolo's love advice to son, Iñigo? Piolo is a cool dad and he just lets his son live and experience life. He just tells him to go ahead and fall in love. He believes he'll learn by experiencing it himself and trusts that Iñigo can handle it.

Love or Career? Piolo chooses career. "I put aside love, for now. Maganda pagsabayin pero mahirap, wala na akong oras sa sarili ko, so practical lang. I've learned to accept the fact that I'm not a multi-tasker. I can only take so much." 

What is Piolo's biggest lesson over a breakup? Piolo briefly and quickly answered "Acceptance." 

Curious about Piolo's breakup playlist or a breakup song, at least? He doesn't have any. "It depends on what songs are currently being played - it can be an Ed Sheeran, it can be a David Pomeranz. It can even be a BeeGees. Haha!" 

It is quite known in the showbiz circle that despite Piolo's huge success in the industry, Piolo still is one of the nicest persons and still remains to be humble. The movie's writer, Tonet Jadaone, shares that when she was just starting as part of the movie crew, Piolo is already the Piolo Pascual with the superstar status, but she didn't see any changes in Piolo's attitude towards work and rapport with the staff. Piolo is still the passionate actor with a really kind heart. She even shares how thoughtful Piolo is - that he always brings lechon for the staff. She quips that it was really fun and a good experience working with Piolo.

With Piolo's undeniably handsome face, unquestionable talent and truly admirable character, it's really hard to understand how such a fine man as him would undergo breakups as well. Oh well, human.

Don't forget to catch The Breakup Playlist in cinemas and fall in love again with Papa P and Sarah G! The Breakup Playlist hits the cinemas nationwide today, July 1!

The Breakup Playlist official soundtrack is also out in iTunes, Spotify and in record stores nationwide!

Here's the movie's official trailer:

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