An Afternoon with the Hopeless Romantics

A week before "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic" hits the nationwide cinemas, we had a chance to sit down with the cast, director and author of this most anticipated romance film.

On the afternoon of May 6th at the Viva Office, James Reid, Nadine Lustre, AJ Muhlach, Shy Carlos, Direk Andoy Ranay and Marcelo Santos III, gamely answered all the questions asked by the bloggers. Knowing the busy schedule of the cast, especially James and Nadine -- gracing a lot of interviews, TV and radio guestings, recordings, mall shows, they didn't seem to look tired at all. They warmly entered the room with all smiles, welcoming arms and in a very warm demeanor.

As expected, and as I have described Nadine and James in my previous post, these two really give the most honest answers during interviews, such as Nadine, being a jealous type and James, who doesn't believe in happy endings. Clearly, James and Nadine have the undeniable chemistry, which even the two of them can't explain. They say that their secret it that they have no secret. That's just how they are and maybe it's that natural bond and closeness between them that is being loved.


The blog conference was dedicated to the JaDine fans so some of the questions came from the tweets sent by them. Also, for the fans to hear their answers straight from their idols, I am attaching the videos so they can listen to their answers and make them feel like they're also inside the room. Here are some of the questions answered by James, Nadine, Direk Andoy, Shy, AJ and Marcelo.

"Are you a hopeless romantic?"

AJ, Shy, Nadine, James and Direk Andoy confessed they're all hopeless romantic, but Nadine told everyone that she's not as hopeless as she was before.

"How do you relate yourself to your characters in the movie?"

James can relate to his character in PSHR more than his characters in his past movies, Diary ng Panget and Talk Back and You're Dead since he is now playing a more kindhearted and simple guy - which is how he describes himself. Nadine can relate since she knows how it feels like to being in the moving on phase.

"To Marcelo, how do you feel that your first novel is now becoming a movie?"

Marcelo also explains his delight as his first novel is now adapted into a movie and is extremely happy that James and Nadine will be playing the lead roles. He even admits that he's excited to watch the movie and jokingly says he's afraid that the movie might be better than his book.

"Do you think you are fit your role in the movie?"

While James agreed that he's fit for his role since it's more realistic and he had experienced what his character went through, Nadine admits she had a hard time. Unlike Nadine's character, Becca, who is always looking at the negative side in every situation, Nadine is known to be a very optimistic person. However, she fits for the role since she also knows how to feel  like being "bitter" once.

"Are you pressured of PSHR's box-office success since your past films are both very successul?"

All of them are pressured but are feeling kinda confident since they know they have a very good material.

"Was there ever a time in your life where you need to say "Ayoko na, break na tayo?" What's the best way to break up?"

As James has mentioned during his past interviews, breakups never end well and says there is no right time or right way for breakups. Nadine, on the other hand, says otherwise. 

"What's the most challenging kissing scene you've done?" 
James and Nadine recalled how their first kiss was a surprise and a challenge. Direk Andoy also talks about the "tuyo" kissing scene.

"What do you do when you're shooting a romantic or "kilig" scene?" and "If you are going to be a couple, what will be your term of endearment?" 

James and Nadine simply looks at each other's eyes. As for the term of endearment, Nadine was not able to answer since she was called by someone outside the room, while James thought of nothing. Terms of endearment is so common  and that Nadine is already a nice name.

"What's your relationship advice to your characters in the film?"

James can't give his character advice because for him, Nikko did the right thing. Nadine might tell his character Becca to face what's happening and not to always push back.

"What's your favorite kissing scene?"

James and Nadine recalled different kissing scenes from their last film, Talk Back and You're Dead.

"How do you help each other during your scenes to make sure there's a chemistry?"

Nadine and James had a hard time answering this one, but they certainly have each other's back during their scenes to deliver good outcome.

The Author

As for Marcelo, on why he used his real name and did not use a pseudo, he explains his simple beginnings as a simple guy who blogs randomly. He didn't see his success as a writer coming. He  has his real name in his Tumblr account, and he didn't bother change it when he got famous and gained more followers. The sequel of "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic", entitled "Para sa Broken Hearted" is now also a bestseller and he is currently working on his next book. Marcelo is very thrilled that his novel is one of the books who brought back reading to the youth of today. Marcelo's motivation for writing such novels is simple: give inspiration and hope.

"Para Sa Hopeless Romantic" is definitely a must-watch especially for us Pinoys who are self-confessed romantic. The movie discusses the challenges of being in love in different situations - moving on, hoping for second chances, playing with love, and looking for true love, so everybody who has a heart and has experienced love can relate. According to the author himself, the moviegoers have all the reasons to watch the film, even him was surprised of how beautiful the outcome of the movie was. The movie is for everybody.
"Para Sa Hopeless Romantic" is directed by Direk Andoy Ranay and also stars Julia Barretto and Inigo Pascual. Produced by Star Cinema and Viva Entertainment, this romantic film will be shown in cinemas nationwide beginning May 13.

* Special thanks to Chikkaness Avenue for allowing me to use his videos. 

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