G-Force Goes Glamping

The Streetboys, The Maneouvers, Universal Motion Dancers - these are some of the Filipino dance groups that made dancing in the Philippines cool and awesome. These dance groups of the '90s undeniably inspired Filipinos who have the passion for dancing. Nowadays, one group stands out as the best - a group composed of male and female dancers who really has what it takes when it comes to whatever type of dance, a group who is always expected to bring an amazing choreography and an unquestionably superb performance - G-Force

Teacher Georcelle

The group's equally admired artistic director, Georcelle Dapat-Sy, who is popularly known as Teacher Georcelle, with a creative mind, a compassionate heart and thirst to create and discover more professional dancers and talents, is definitely one of the reasons why G-Force has become a household name. Being part of the longest-running musical variety show, ASAP, Teacher Georcelle and G-Force have shown the country what it's like being a G-Force. Dancing with grace and enthusiasm, discipline and class - this is how I describe the G-Force. 

This summer, as G-Force celebrates its 10th year in the industry, Teacher Georcelle and the G-Force crew are wanting to share their knowledge and eagerness for dancing to everyone who also has the calling of strutting it on the dance floor, as well as sharing the thrill they experience while dancing their hearts out.  

Enjoy this year's summer with a dance experience of a lifetime. Dance under the stars, build stronger bonds, and go through fun and excitement like never before with G-Force Project dubbed "Summer Dance Glamping." 

Teacher Georcelle assures that G-Force's never been done before campaign this year is bigger and better as it takes dance workshops to a whole new level. This year's event also serves as the company's opening treat to its loyal followers as they celebrate a successful decade in the industry. "This is more than just a workshop, this marks a decade of everything that we've worked hard for. And it's more than a celebration because it is also our way of showing gratitude to everyone who has supported us in all out endeavors through the years," Teacher Georcelle stresses.

Must Sign Up!

What better way to show that appreciation than to hold the coolest, hippest and grandest party (a.k.a workshop) ever! Dance enthusiasts of all ages can pick their choice of classes ranging from Hip-Hop (Lyrical, Sexy), Jazz, Funk, Dubstep, K-Pop, Zumba and Burlesque. Bring your kids to any of the Kids Class which are open to children ages 5 to 7 and 8 to 10.

You can also take the "master's class" and attend #whiteshirtlove, one of the most sought-after offering of G-Force Project designed and taught by Teacher Georcelle herself. Making its debut last year, the class made rounds in the news as one of the highly acclaimed for its message of women empowerment and love for one's self while getting your cardio fix. As of this writing, #whiteshirtlove is in the process of procuring its trademark.

As Teacher Georcelle says, "#whiteshirtlove is a very personal matter to me. It was born out of my own experience, having had post-partum depression after giving birth to my youngest child. I created this class to teach women to love themselves back, to help boost their self-esteem and give them the confidence that every women so rightly deserve."

Grand Times

Fulfilling G-Force's promise of giving its followers something they've never had before, Teacher Georcelle proudly announces that this year's G-Force Project has gone regional. Year after year, G-Force tries to surpass what they've already accomplished, always upping the ante. They wanted to make sure that their students wouldn't be disappointed with what they have in store for them. So this year, G-Force are very proud to announce that they will be taking the provinces by storm.
For the first time since the company started offering dance workshops, they are bringing the experience to other parts of the country. See below schedules:

April 20 - 24          Cebu
April 27 - May 1     Albay
May 11 - May 15    Bacolod
May 13-15, 17       Batangas

Manila classes, on the other hand, will be happening in two batches:

April 13 - 17 and May 4 - 8    

Recitals are set in May 26 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. Why SM Mall of Asia Arena? Teacher Georcelle states, "We want our students to feel what it's like to perform on a big venue, dance with professionals on stage, with thousands of people watching. It doesn't any grander than that."

As for the much anticipated glamping (glamorous camping) activity which is set to happen before the recitals, Teacher Georcelle along with her mentors are all fired up, "For us, it is a gathering in one momentous occasion, sharing a unified experience that we will treasure forever. We look forward to spending quality time with our students and forge stronger bonds, and most importantly, we look forward to sharing our gifts to them."

To sign up in any of the classes being offered, log on to www.gforceofficial.com. For additional inquiries, call or text 0998 52-FORCE (0998-5236723) or 0917 8-GFORCE (0917-8436723). You may also visit the G-Force Dance Center located at Unit 104-105 Ground Floor, Corporate 101 Building, 101 Mother Ignacia St. Quezon City.

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