The JaDine Invasion

The love team of James Reid and Nadine Lustre, popularly known as JaDine, is certainly the hottest and the most popular in the country today. With their unquestionable talents, admirable personalities, and a huge base of loyal fans and supporters, these two are definitely worthy of their spot in showbiz.

Their first project together and also their biggest break, the movie adaptation of the best-selling Wattpad series "Diary ng Panget", unexpectedly hit the country by storm! Who would've thought that a romcom flick top-billed by showbiz newbies will earn millions and launch two humble individuals to super stardom? Admit it, with the current stand of showbiz in the Philippines, it was totally a risk for Viva Entertainment to produce a movie starring 'then unknown' talents as its lead stars.

After the overwhelming success of "Diary ng Panget," James and Nadine's team-up has instantly become a household name, even considered as a threat to all existing loveteams in the country.  And as expected, their loveteam has been blessed with more successful projects such as the movie entitled "Talk Back and You're Dead" and the TV series, "My App Boyfie."