That Guy Called Juan Miguel

I couldn't be any prouder of this good friend's returning and overwhelming success via That Thing Called Tadhana. After JM De Guzman's hiatus in showbiz, his brilliant and natural acting skills is still evident and is obviously not affected by his infamous life in the past. He looked refreshed and inspired in the film. His bad experience now serves as a guide and as a motivation for him to improve in his craft and become a better person, in general.

A testimony of how JM once again captivated the hearts of the Filipinos are the seemingly endless messages I receive from my friends through texts and Facebook messages, telling me how they fell in love with JM, appreciating how good-looking, charming and talented he is. Some of them are old fans, while some are new. Add to this the successful mall shows and several times he trended in Twitter.

Everyone is entitled to have second chances. But not everyone deserves it. And with the positive attitude that JM is showing, teamed with his undeniable talent, and with all the love and support he's getting from his family, friends and loyal supporters, he is really worth the second chance and there's no way he can't be on top again.

Congratulations again, brotha!

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