Dennis Trillo Cleans Out the Bad Guys

As Cinemalaya celebrates its 10th year in producing and showcasing quality and award-winning films, Dennis Trillo once again proved for the nth time his versatility and depth as an actor. 

In one of this year's Directors Showcase entries, "The Janitor," Dennis shifts to action as he plays the role of a cop-turned-vigilante tasked to kill the perpetrators of a heinous crime. As usual and as expected, Dennis delivered another stellar performance in this Cinemalaya 2014 top-grosser. 

Though the film also stars similarly good actors such as Derek Ramsay, Ricky Davao and Richard Gomez, it was definitely Dennis that made the Filipino film enthusiasts talk about "The Janitor." Dennis packaged all his scenes with the perfect emotions - may it be a confrontation with his father, sweet moments with his wife, or even laying a criminal to death. This bloody, bullet-riddled, roulette-playing, toenail-plucking film is indeed another testament to Dennis Trillo's unquestionable talent and brilliance as an actor.


Dennis admits that it was a dream come true and a really humbling experience to be working with the cast and the production staff of this gun-toting film. The Janitor is his 3rd Cinemalaya film (previous films are "Astig" in 2009 and "Ang Katiwala" in 2012), proving that it was never an issue for Dennis whether the films he make are mainstream or independent. He points out that it's the film's quality and the challenge he encounters for a role are what's important to him.

"The Janitor" bravely demonstrates the corrupt and shady world of the Philippine government, whereas people who are known as trustworthy leaders are sometimes the same people who are behind the most cruel and dangerous crimes. Dennis is open to these subjects as he himself is aware of the reality and finds these topics interesting and worthy of being in films. Playing the role of Crisanto Espina made Dennis realized the unimaginable truth that sometimes, even a person with the kindest heart can also get his hands bloody and dirty.

He recalls that his most challenging scene in the film was the scene with the newcomer, Nicco Manalo (son of Jose Manalo, who plays the role of the crime's primary witness), where Dennis' character was strained to kill an innocent man out of frustration. It was certainly a heart-breaking and shocking sight, and Dennis gave the audience the adrenaline and excitement with just his expressive eyes and strong emotions. Dennis is truly one heck of a great actor. It was a scene worthy of that elusive Best Actor award.

One of the film's highlights was his fight scene with Derek Ramsay. It was also tough for him and Derek as their work schedules do not match. Hence, they made their initiatives as professionals and reported to work earlier than usual just so they could rehearse their scene. He also had 'secret' rehearsals with Raymond Bagatsing to ensure that their scene would look great.

Dennis has played several ground-breaking roles both in TV and movies, including his most recent controversial role as Eric in the incredibly successful gay-themed drama series, My Husband's Lover, but Dennis reveals that his dream role is to portray someone who's bad-to-the-bones, a close-to-devil which everyone will hate - a role I firmly believe Dennis will pull off with greatness.

Even with the overwhelming support from his fans and supporters worldwide, and with the undeniable talent and charm that he has, Dennis doesn't mind fame as an actor. He doesn't want any showbiz royalty title, he just wants to be remembered as a good and effective actor.

With this humility and kind heart that he has, Dennis Trillo without a doubt, will stamp more marks in the industry. With or without him admitting, he is truly one of the country's most brilliant actors today.

After Cinemalaya, Dennis can be seen in the weekly GMA Docudrama series, "Sa Puso ni Dok" with Bela Padilla which will start airing on August 24. He is also currently taping his new Primetime series, "Hiram na Alaala" with Kris Bernal and Rocco Nacino, and will also be doing "Now and Forever", a movie with Maja Salvador.

Directed by Michael Tuviera, "The Janitor" also stars a roster of credible actors and actresses - Irma Adlawan, Dante Rivero, LJ Reyes, Sunshine Garcia, Jerald Napoles, Alex Medina, Raymond Bagatsing, Ricky Davao, Derek Ramsay and Richard Gomez, and is still showing in CCP and selected Ayala Malls until August 10, 2014. 

Here's the full trailer of The Janitor:

It was fun spending an afternoon with the incredibly humble Dennis Trillo!

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