I Dare You Returns with a Newfangled Set of Hosts

Two years after the first season, ABS-CBN's original reality show "I Dare You" is returning to our TV screens with a new-fangled set of cool and equally competitive hosts.

John Prats, Deniesse Aguilar and Robi Domingo will join Melai Cantiveros, who is the only holdover from the first season, as the hosts of the returning reality show.

Unlike other reality shows where the contestants are just the ones expected to do random physical challenges, what makes I Dare You Season 2 more exciting is that the hosts themselves were surprisingly part of the different obstacles, too.

Also making I Dare You Season 2 unique is the show's aim and vision - to continue to help Filipinos in need with the help of a Celebrity Kakampi. Each episode is focused to the life of an 'everyday Filipino,' whether an individual, a family or a community, who is referred to as the "Bidang Kapamilya" and have inspiring stories to share about their daily struggles. Celebrity Kakampis are then dared to experience the challenges of these people and win prizes for the Bidang Kapamilya.

Compared with the first season, I Dare You Season 2 is really much more intense and yet more gratifying. The cast and the staff admitted that it wasn't really an easy task to get a single episode done, as they would need several days or even weeks just to finish one. This is why every single episode becomes heartwarming - the celebrities get to know their Bidang Kapamilyas deeply and they tend to get attached to them, making them more inspired and motivated with their every challenge.

John recalls how hard it was being trained in the military camp, as he surprisingly joined the challengers on the show's first episode. The experience was truly unforgettable for him, and confessed that those were the most-tiring days of his life ever. He was also able to conquer his fear of heights because of the challenges given to him. John feels humbled and feels blessed to meet new people, real people who face real life's challenges.

Deniesse experienced being a firefighter and realized that it was never an easy job. Aside from the very dangerous task that they are expected to do during operation, the preparation itself and the tasks being done away from the fire were already a challenge. Add to this the risk of losing your life from the rescue operations. With this experience, Deniesse learns to appreciate her family even more and life as a whole.

Robi remembers his college immersion and realized that what they previously did was very far different from what really happens when you stay longer with the unprivileged community. He was even asked to wear a 'bahag' as a sign of respect to the community he is helping. He was able to impart his knowledge and truly inspire the struggling students as he overcomes the challenges in the show's education-inspired episode. The show taught Robi a lot on sympathy, and taught him how to empathize. 

Robi with Deniesse
Another milestone from the show is that prizes given away are not cash or anything of monetary value. With the aim of improving the life of the selected individual or community, prizes to be given away are specific items that are truly needed in their area based on their situations such as tricycles, mini library, rescue equipments, sports gears and skills training- things that can truly change the community's way of living.

Learn how our fellow Filipinos live their everyday life, get to see what is beyond a man's job, and witness how the challenges change the lives of the celebrities and the community - dare to see the change! Watch I Dare You Season 2 every Saturday night, after Wansapanataym in the Kapamilya Channel, ABS-CBN. Premiere episode on October 12, 2013.

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