Coco Martin and Juan Dela Cruz

Drama King Coco Martin is undeniably the most popular actor in the country now. He has all the right to claim it and I'm sure no one will even try to contest. From a simple man who just wanted to earn money and survive his everyday life, Coco himself never imagined that he would achieve the superstar status that he has now.

Tagged as the Prince of Philippine Independent Films, Coco is truly admirable on how he recalls his humble beginnings in the industry and never forgets about it. Even if he already is considered as one of the most bankable mainstream actors, he remains to be the humble and passionate guy who is still willing to do independent films. He acknowledges that indie films, where his showbiz career started, will always be a part of him.

From his supporting character in ABS-CBN's hit drama series in 2009, Tayong Dalawa, which had unusually become one of the most-loved villains because of his excellent portrayal, Coco Martin's career in showbiz suddenly skyrocketed. Coco became an addition to the country's list of most wanted leading men due to the public's warm and high regard to his unquestionable acting talent.

In his current show Juan Dela Cruz, Coco has once again captured the hearts of the Filipino viewers, this time, including the kids and the young ones. Personally, Coco is also thankful for this top-rating superhero drama series for transforming him into a better actor and a more responsible citizen.

Being his family's own superhero, Coco relates to his character in Juan Dela Cruz especially on Juan's being selfless. Coco admits that he is his family's provider and that he puts his family's welfare first before himself. With all the success, fame and wealth that he has, Coco remains to be the same guy who doesn't dream of luxurious stuff.

When asked which among Juan Dela Cruz's weapons represent him in real life, he chose to be the shield. As much as possible, Coco wants his life to be private, but since it is inevitable for him, he tries to protect his family's life from being exposed to the public instead. Coco admits that he is and will always be his family's protector. Coco will understand and answer issues and intrigues about him, but will never tolerate issues involving his family. Coco even revealed that he never talks about his work whenever he is with his family, this is so he could spend more quality time with them.

Talking about family, Coco is also saddened that he has to part ways with his Juan Dela Cruz family, now that the top-rating show is coming to an end. Coco is known to be one of the most genuinely kind actor who bonds not just with his fellow actors, but even with the show's staff and crew. He admits that he goes out more often with the production people than the other celebrities, merely because these people are who he sees as real people who live a simple life and gets happiness in simple things.

Coco is really grateful for his experience in Juan Dela Cruz, and acknowledges that because of the show and the show's advocacy projects, he doesn't only delight people through acting, but he also gets the chance to get to know, bond and help the viewers who are in need. He realized that he gets a different kind of joy when people, especially the youth, tell him that he inspires them. Coco is really pleased to have participated in several "Juan Fun School Day" activities, where he was able to provide school supplies to the less fortunate students in the country.

Truly overwhelmed with the solid support their show gets from the loyal viewers, Coco is extra thankful for the unfailing high-ratings they have had for the past eight months since Juan Dela Cruz premiered on primetime TV last February.

Sadly, their show has to end and is now down to their last 15 nights. Coco promised that there still are a lot of revelations that everyone should watch out for in the last three weeks of the show, and that these episodes will be more mind-blowing. Will there be a happy ending for Juan and Rosario (Erich Gonzales)? Who will sacrifice his or her life to stop Peruha's (Diana Zubiri) evil plans? Will Juan be able to save the world from the dangers of other mythical creatures?

Don’t miss the last three weeks of Philippine television's newest favorite superhero, Juan Dela Cruz, weeknights after TV Patrol on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida.

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