Bea Alonzo is The One

Bea Alonzo is undeniably one of the best actresses our country has ever had. Aside from her pretty and always vibrant face, this 26-year old actress is really admirable when it comes to attitude and work ethics, and truly unquestionable when we talk about her acting prowess.

Bea has done lots of memorable roles and it's not just the roles that are to be credited, these roles become immortal because a brilliant actress portrays them.

At a young age, Bea was very effective as the lawyer Katrina Argos in her first-ever drama series, Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay, with Lorna Tolentino as the  main actress. This is where her depth as an actress was recognized by the public, and where her team-up with equally superb actor John Lloyd Cruz was born.

This was followed by a lot more teleseryes, where she was the main actress, such as It Might Be You, Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin, and Maging Sino Ka Man, Magkaribal and A Beautiful Affair. She was also chosen to be the Philippines' lead actress of the internationally-acclaimed series, I Love Betty La Fea.

With the kind of acting talent Bea has, Bea doesn't dwell on just being a TV actress. She also conquered the big screens with her numerous box-office movies such as Now That I Have You, Dreamboy, And I Love You So, and Miss You Like Crazy to name a few.

Who would forget the name Basha Eugenio in the Philippines' most famous romance movie, One More Chance, where almost all the dialogues etched a mark in every Filipino viewer's heart? Who would forget Sari Alfonso in the The Mistress, who have defined differently and wonderfully the nature of a mistress? Who would forget Bobbie Salazar, as the powerful and controlling sister in Four Sisters and a Wedding?

With this number of truly unforgettable portrayals, Bea Alonzo is once again set to conquer the hearts of the Filipinos as she plays the 'girl in the rain' in the 20th Anniversary offering of Star Cinema, She's The One, opposite Dingdong Dantes and Enrique Gil.

With the serious roles she had recently played in The Mistress and Four Sisters and a Wedding, Bea takes her fans now to a lighter side. A romantic-comedy film about love and friendship, Bea admits that it was a bit awkward at first to be paired with the rival network's biggest actor (Dingdong), and be in a love triangle with a younger actor (Enrique).

But as Bea relates, this is truly an awesome opportunity for her to work with an equally brilliant actor such as Dingdong Dantes. She confessed that it was her dream to work with Dingdong, and since they are from rival networks, she never imagined this could be possible.

She also shared that working with Dingdong is really a humbling experience, as she witnessed how down-to-earth, passionate and professional Dingdong was. She has become more inspired to love her job even more.

Working with a younger actor as Enrique reminded her of her younger days in showbiz. She sees in Enrique the energy and drive to improve and excel in their craft. She also admires Enrique's passion and skill in acting and was also thankful to have experienced working with a younger leading man.

In She's The One, Bea plays the role of Dingdong's best friend. They've been best friends since childhood but never thought and realized how far their feelings toward each other would go. In Dingdong's search for his love interest, Bea however, also attracts a younger man, who eventually becomes her constant companion. This is where Dingdong's character strikes him and feels the sudden need for the companion of his long time best friend, and finally understands his real feelings for her best friend.

Directed by Mae Cruz, this exciting romance film will open in theaters nationwide on October 16, 2013!

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