Aljur Abrenica Fulfills a Cancer Patient's Wish

Naturally kindhearted and grateful for all the blessings he continuously receives, Aljur Abrenica didn't feel any hesitation when asked to fulfill a young girl's wish to spend an afternoon with him. With the help of Make A Wish Foundation and GMA Artist Center, the 5-year old leukemia patient, Elizabeth or "Isay" felt really happy and excited finally meeting his all-time crush and idol.

Isay's "dream come true" moment happened yesterday, October 21, 2013 at the V. Luna General Hospital in Quezon City. It was truly a heartwarming afternoon as Aljur gave a surprise visit at the hospital hours before Isay's operation. Aljur, who is obviously fond of kids, drew instant connection with Isay and spared his whole afternoon playing and bonding with her.

The fellows from Make A Wish Foundation narrated how excited Isay was when she heard that Aljur is going to visit her. She cried out excitement and jumped and ran around the kiddie center when she found out about the good news. It was also very fun to watch Isay's reaction when she first saw Aljur. She became so quiet and shy, but her facial expressions can tell how happy and thrilled she was deep inside. Genuine happiness was also seen in Aljur's eyes and was evident in his sweet gestures. 

Aljur also gave Isay a new set of her favorite toy - Barbie, and joined her play with the doll. They also played foosball, one of Isay's favorite games at the hospital's Kiddie Center. The smile and happiness seen in Aljur and Isay's faces were so priceless.

Before Aljur took Isay back to her room to prepare for her operation, Aljur joined the kid to say a minute of prayer at the altar where Isay usually prays.

Aljur was amazed at how strong and cheerful the kid was - as if she was not sick at all. She remains positive despite the health condition that she's struggling from.  Aljur, who was really touched by the kid's optimistic attitude, thanked the kid's parents for their unconditional love, patience and guidance for Isay.

It was really a touching and heart-rending afternoon giving joy and hope to someone who is in dire need. It may be a small and simple act from Aljur, but with the very tight schedule he has, this act of kindness and altruism is truly commendable.

I can clearly remember when the request was communicated to Aljur and he immediately answered a very sincere "yes" without a second thought. He even suggested that this activity must be given high priority in his schedule.

Aljur attentively listens to Isay as she reads the letter awarded by Make A Wish Foundation

With a charming face and perfectly chiseled body, equipped with an unquestionably honest-to-goodness heart that's willing to pay forward his blessings, there's no way Aljur Abrenica will stop receiving showers of blessings. Kudos to you, Aj!

Aj with Isay and her mom.

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