The Talented Cast of Binoy Henyo

Binoy Henyo, featuring the mother-and-son tandem of Sheena Halili and newcomer David Remo, has easily captured the hearts of the Philippine TV viewers. The series' intent to show a mother's unconditional love to her child is primarily one of the reasons why the Filipinos all over the world love and support this early primetime drama.

David Remo is the geniukid, Binoy

Binoy Henyo teaches parents to raise their kids to be the best they can be while highlighting the importance of maintaining a strong parental involvement in every child's learning and development. Hence, the program believes that an encouraging parent is every child's greatest asset.

Binoy Henyo started airing last July 22, 2013 and I've seen quite a number of the show's episodes. GMA-7 had the best decision to choose Sheena as Agnes, and David as Binoy - they have the undeniable chemistry as mother-and-son and they are both excellent in portraying their roles. Their crying scenes are always very moving and are really heartfelt, and will leave you wondering on how Sheena made this admiring connection with the newbie child star, David.

Sheena Halili is one of the products of the reality artista search, Starstruck, to have sustained her spot in the showbiz industry. She has appeared in several shows in GMA-7 and has played various types of roles from being a kontrabida (Marimar), to a best friend (Rosalinda), to a doll (Alice Bungisngis), to a slave (Amaya), to a brave and free-spirited hunter (Indio) and a lot more of significant supporting roles.

Sheena plays the loving mother of Binoy

This time, Sheena landed a lead role in Binoy Henyo, portraying another challenging role - as a mother! It is really a brave move for Sheena to accept a mother role, but since she has a strong relationship with her family, she has her mom as her inspiration on portraying  her role as a loving mother who will do anything for her child. Because of her role, she was able to open her eyes to the sacrifices mothers do just for their children, and felt lucky that she has her mom and dad to guide her all along.

Also, it is in this show that people learned about Sheena's prowess in acting in drama. She is now continuously receiving positive feedback on her portrayal as Binoy's mother, and is overwhelmed by the public's warm acceptance of their show.

The title holder of the show, the newest Kapuso child star, 6-year old David Remo, is also a surprise in the show. His acting skills won't tell you that Binoy Henyo is his first time to do drama. Being a naturally jolly and "makulit" kid, David admits he is enjoying his role as Binoy, who is very optimistic amidst all the hardships his family is facing. A genius in class, Binoy is being perfectly portrayed by David, who is in real life a smart and talented kid. With his very charming and convincing portrayal at his first starring role, David obviously shows great potential to be a good child actor that not all children his age can offer. A proof of his irresistible cuteness is his famous signature line "Kalma lang po…" which is becoming an expression widely used by his fellow optimistic Filipinos.
The very playful David and Angel Satsumi, who plays Len-Len (Binoy's best friend)

Also part of the cast is another Starstruck alumna and also a Binibining Pilipinas princess, Rich Asuncion. We've seen Rich frequently doing kontrabida roles on the past series of the Kapuso Network, but this time, Rich plays the role of the strict-yet-loving Teacher Josie. She is Binoy's adviser who eventually became an instrument in discovering Binoy's intelligence. Though strict and intimidating, she is a good person who feels genuine concern for the welfare of her students.

Rich plays Binoy's adviser, Teacher Josie

In Binoy Henyo, her scenes are mostly with the child stars, David and Angel Satsumi (who plays Binoy's best friend, Lenlen). Rich enjoys her role as Binoy's adviser and she's happy to take a break from her previous evil roles, and feels really blessed to be part of Binoy Henyo.

Aside from Binoy Henyo, Rich has also just finished an independent film to be shown this September entitled Lauriana, where she plays another challenging role of a battered wife. She is also busy with her studies and she just finished her on-the-job training which took place in her home province, Bohol. Rich is taking up Tourism in UP Diliman.

Another attraction in Binoy Henyo is the charming and talented Lucho Ayala. We've seen Lucho in several top-rating Kapuso teleseryes always playing the main antagonist. His unquestionable talent in acting has already been noticed and applauded by the critics since his first TV appearance in First Time, which was followed afterward by Blusang Itim, and the primetime hit, One True Love.

Lucho won't be hated this time, as he plays the good brother and confidant, Jaime.

What he considers as his biggest break was when he was included in the cast of the historical epic series of GMA-7, Indio, where he played the younger version of the main antagonist, Senor Juancho Sanreal, which was eventually played by veteran actor Michael De Mesa. Though it was a short stint, Lucho considers his role in Indio as his most challenging role yet, as he was able to show diverse emotions in the series.

In Binoy Henyo, Lucho plays the role of the leading man's younger brother and confidant, Jaime. (The leading man, Francis, is being played by Luis Alandy.) Though he admits that his role isn't as tough and challenging as his role in Indio, he still feels thankful and lucky to be part of the show and got the chance to work with good actors such as Luis Alandy and Lorenzo "Tata" Mara. He also feels okay with the feeling that people can finally see him as a good boy, since he is a naturally kind person.

Though critics have noticed his talent early on, this humble guy isn't in a hurry and will patiently wait for his time to be a star. One big reason why he is contented getting only supporting roles is because he is also concentrating on his studies - he is taking up Speech Communication in UP Diliman. His determination not to be left behind with his studies sometimes make him decline offers. Well, with his easy charm, undeniable talent and humility, this actor will surely go far and will definitely be a star, in time.

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Other Binoy Henyo casts who play noteworthy roles include Luis Alandy, Nova Villa, Gwen Zamora, Angel Satsumi, Lorenzo Mara, Ervic Vijandre, Francheska Farr and Gene Padilla. Directed by Albert Langitan and Jun Lana, catch Binoy Henyo from Mondays to Fridays on GMA-7, before 24 Oras.

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