Chef Boy Logro Celebrates His 57th Birthday

There is no doubt that it was Chef Pablo 'Boy' Logro who made cooking shows in the Philippines more fun and exciting. His unique humor, his down-to-earth gestures and his humble beginnings are basically the main factors why he instantly became every Filipino's favorite chef.

Chef Boy requested for this picture. Pang-Instagram daw. (Follow him @thatsmychefboy)

On his month-long birthday celebration, I was lucky enough to be able to join him in one of his birthday activities - the Lunch Date with Chef Boy Logro, which took place last July 30 in the covered court of Barangay 73, Caloocan City.

The very excited crowd.
Chef Boy delivering his inspiring talk. Tess Bomb hosted the event.

It was an afternoon full of fun as Chef Boy gladly participated in the different games and was very much accommodating to strike a pose with the residents of the barangay. It was so nice of Chef Boy to have his day spent with the mothers and kids of the chosen barangay. To add more surprises, the event sponsors, Coca-cola and Mekeni, were also there to distribute some giveaways.

Aside from the laughter and excitement, Chef Boy also brought inspiration to the Kapusos in the barangay as he recounts his past and proudly narrates how he reached the success he and his family is now enjoying. He considers his family and even the televiewers and his students who are becoming successful as his life's most treasured achievements. He wants his life to be an example and an inspiration for the dreamers.

Chef Boy wasn't able to step into the portals of high school, but this never became a hindrance in his determination to succeed. Considering his lack of educational attainment, he didn't aim for a very fabulous life, but with how life turns out to be too good for him, he was very thankful and he promised himself to keep his feet on the ground.

He started as a houseboy, then got himself working in a Chinese restaurant, where he learned his very first specialty, siopao. He can still remember how hard it was before when hi-tech machines were not yet available. From this, with his eagerness to learn, he would always watch the chefs on how to prepare different dishes.

Years later, he decided to work abroad, and was surprised to know that he will be working for the King of Oman. It became the start of unbelievable things happening to him. His stay in the palace exposed him to different kinds of cuisines, and he eventually mastered his skills in the kitchen. The king admires his very lovable attitude and he was able to prepare dishes even for other royalties such as Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana and President Bush, to name a few.

Ten years later, he returned to the Philippines and worked at the Manila Diamond Hotel, where he was eventually promoted and became the first Filipino executive chef in a 5-star hotel in the country. This paved the way to even more successful endeavors.

Today, Chef Boy already has a culinary school located in Cavite, the Chef Logro's Institute of Culinary and Kitchen Services (CLICKS). He also cooks for his restaurant in Cavite and is now owning a 5-hectares resort in Davao. There's also an upcoming book compilation of his best recipes. His cooking shows, Kusina Master (GMA-7) and Idol sa Kusina (GMA News TV) are still airing and still raking good ratings. As his newest reward, Kusina Master won as the Best Lifestyle Program in the 19th Annual NAMIC Vision Award and is currently the longest-running cooking show in the country.

Yum yum yum to more of Chef Boy's success and truly inspiring stories! 

The truly humble and down-to-earth chef, birthday boy, Chef Boy Logro.

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