The Modern-Day Anna Karenina

One of Philippine TV's most unforgettable drama series, Anna Karenina, which debuted in 1996 and ended in 2002, truly had made the careers of the fantastic trio, Antoinette Taus, Sunshine Dizon and Kim Delos Santos. Through this drama series, they had proven their worth not just as teeny boppers, but as serious artists as well. This had also earned them the recognition of being the brightest young actresses of their generation.

Krystal Reyes as Anna, Barbie Forteza as Karen, and Joyce Ching as Nina

This year, GMA 7 will revive this very popular drama series and will showcase the acting talents of this generation's best young actresses - Krystal Reyes, Barbie Forteza and Joyce Ching. They may be young and fresh in showbiz, but the acting skills of Krystal, Barbie and Joyce are unquestionable and are proven to be exceptional.

Supported by a powerful cast and a brilliant director, Miss Gina Alajar, the three lead stars are very excited and pressured with their new project. They are excited not just because they are spearheading a primetime show, but because they will all be playing interesting roles.

Anna Karenina is about a search for the lost heiress of the Monteclaro clan where they find three girls: Anna, Karen and Nina. All three girls with totally different characters, who live in totally different worlds, will definitely capture the hearts of the televiewers and will bring colorful twists to the story.

Krystal will play the role of Anna. The 16 year-old star is delighted to be part of the show as she will be portraying the kind-hearted, loving, and optimistic Anna. Playing this kind of role isn't new to Krystal as she's already been the protagonist in most of her shows. With her acting capability, Krystal certainly won't disappoint the viewers.

Barbie, on the other hand, will be playing a role which is far different from her previous roles. This time, she will be playing the role of a strong and ambitious girl, Karen. Barbie claims that her role is not actually a kontrabida, but she just describes it as 'a real person' -  a person who dreams and fights back when needed.  Barbie is thrilled to say goodbye to being martyr, but is also pressured to be compared to Sunshine Dizon.

Joyce, who is used to playing the villain role, will be playing the pessimistic and full of hatred, Nina. She said her role's a challenge because it is very opposite to her character in real life. Joyce is always cheerful off-cam and she always looks at the bright side of life. With her superb acting skill, Joyce will definitely be able to veer away from her true self and portray effectively the role of Nina.

Asked if they were able to watch any episode of the past Anna Karenina, all three of them said they intentionally did not watch the past series so they can give an original attack to their characters. Well, knowing their prowess in acting, I'm sure these three girls will nail their performances in this upcoming series.

Anna Karenina is set to premiere on June 3, 2013 replacing Indio (after 24 Oras) on GMA 7's primetime block.

Krystal, Barbie and Joyce during the Children's Hour at The Mind Museum last May 28, 2013.

Kids from various organization listens to the Anna Karenina girls during Children's Hour.
Photo op with some more children

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