Rocco's Strip Show

After being part of the Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Centerfold in 2010, Rocco Nacino has become a favorite in the magazine’s annual Cosmo Bachelor Bash.

From his much-applauded ‘Booty Work’ performance last year, he once again did another highlight this year, opening one of the segments in the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 held last September 18, at the World Trade Center Manila.

He appeared on stage wearing a black long sleeves and a white pair of pants, carrying an attaché case, and did a Magic Mike-inspired production number. He once again proved that he is one heck of a dancer! His strip show was absolutely jaw-dropping as exclaimed by the excited crowd.

He then removed his long sleeves and showed his well-chiseled body while engaging with the crowd and revealed a sexy statement on his back – “Eat Me!” to which, everyone was very willing to do!

As several write-ups prove, Rocco was definitely one of the most-loved bachelors who graced the crowd’s hot and steamy night.

With these already hot photos, let’s look forward to what Rocco can offer on the next Cosmo Bash!

Getting tanned.

Opening the 'strip show' with an invigorating dance number.

Photos: Richard Trance, Ralph Nacino

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