Free Bench Universe Tickets

Get a free invite to Bench Universe, The 2012 Denim and Underwear Show, by visiting benchsetter Rocco Nacino‘s official website!

Here’s how to win free tickets:

1. Visit www.rocconacino.com.ph and hit ‘Like’ on the homepage.
2. Click  ‘Videos’.
3. Look for the video blogs exclusively made by Rocco himself entitled “Raffle Contest for Bench Universe” and “One More Question for Bench Universe Ticket.”
4. Answer the questions Rocco asked.
5. More questions answered, more chances of winning.

How to submit your answers:

1. On the homepage, click ‘Contact.’
2. Fill out the blank spaces with the required information (Name and Email Address).
3. Type in “Free Bench Universe Tickets” on the Subject line.
4. Put your answer on the Message field along with your contact details following this format:

Complete Name:
Twitter Username:
Cellphone Number:


- This event is strictly R-18.
- Tickets to be won will be for the September 14 show.
- Contest is only until 12:59 PM of Monday, September 10.
- Winners will be announced via text and/or via Twitter.
- Make sure to follow @nacinorocco and @MrJimboy on Twitter so we can DM/text you if your entry wins.
- Tickets must be claimed at the venue on the day of the event so please come early.

What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!!

* This article is also posted at http://rocconacino.com.ph/

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