Just One Summer with JuliElmo

I have never tried watching a romantic-comedy Filipino film in a movie theater, not until I got an invite for the block screening of GMA Films’ latest offering, Just One Summer, featuring this generation’s hottest love team, JuliElmo.

Former Popstar Kids finalist, Julie Ann San Jose and the son of Master Rapper, Elmo Magalona, have proven themselves worthy of the special attention they are getting from the fans and from the media people ever since their first duet number in GMA-7’s Sunday variety show, Party Pilipinas. Their performance is always part of Twitter’s trending topics, and is undeniably one of the most-awaited production numbers in the show. All the celebrities who are part of the show can attest that these two always have the loudest screams in the studio.

Party Pilipinas even made a short series for them entitled Red Mask, and a theatrical-like musical Wasak, both shown in the show, which both became big hits! These stints have proven the appeal and impact of the famous pair’s chemistry, may it be on stage, or on a love flick.

Julie and Elmo in one of the sweet moments in the film

After innumerable requests, finally, GMA Films had the courage to take the love team to a higher level, as they launched them in their first movie together as lead starrers in Just One Summer.

Just One Summer is a story of a rich, rebellious boy who spends summer with his father who he has considered long dead while waiting for the annulment of his father and his mother's marriage. During his stay with his father, he meets a poor girl who is his childhood friend and is a scholar of whom her family is depending on. However, she is holding in a secret with regard to the true state of her scholarship. The two meet and comfort each other amidst their problems and they fall for each other as time goes on and as they get to know each other.

Julie Ann is not just a great singer and performer, but is also a good actress. Watching her in the film doesn’t show her being a rookie in the field of acting. Her portrayal as 'Beto' is very effective. She’s a naturally talented girl. Even her crying scenes are convincing.

Elmo, who portrayed 'Niel' was also a revelation in the film. He has proven himself that he is not just a shadow of his dad, Francis M. He definitely has what it takes to make a big name on his own. His confrontation scenes with veteran actor Joel Torre and veteran actress Alice Dixson were superb and are certainly moving.

Niel and Beto, playing their beloved carabao, Iska.

Their chemistry is undeniably seen on screen, that’s why their fans can’t help but scream whenever their idols are together in one frame.

The movie isn’t just about the story of Julie and Elmo’s characters’ love affair, but is also a story about the struggles of their families with completely different problems. Though there are some scenes which are typical in Filipino romance films, there are also lots of ‘kilig’ scenes that are first seen in the movie. I won’t enumerate these scenes so I won’t spoil those who plan to watch. The conflicts raised in the movie were also solved smoothly, without sacrificing the realistic approach.

Julie and Elmo were thankful to be given a great roster of supporting cast – Joel Torre, Alice Dixson, Cherry Pie Picache, Buboy Garovillo, and Gloria Romero. Also in the movie are Sheena Halili, Sef Cadayona, Betong Sumaya and Maey De Guzman.

I’m not a fan of romance films, but I can definitely suggest this to those who love this genre. Directed by Mac Alejandre, the movie hits theaters on August 14 nationwide!

Julie and Elmo surprised their fans on its block screening in Gateway Cineplex.

* Movie still photos courtesy of Mangyan Blogger and pep.ph


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