More Challenges on the Return of Mobilympics

It was two years ago when our team had its first ever US Mobility-wide team-building – Mobilympics, which was held in The Spring of Life Adventure Campsite in Barangay Boso-Boso, Antipolo City. It was very successful and had undoubtedly left fond memories to everyone who participated. It was a huge hit that we agreed to have it done every year!

Personally, the first Mobilympics was indeed unforgettable for me, not only because I have my MVP trophy displayed in our condo to remind me of it, but because it was really a super fantastic day for everyone in the team. It was the first activity for our ever-growing US Mobility family.

Unfortunately though, our team faced an extremely-busy 2011 that we were not able to repeat Mobilympics last year. We’ve undergone four tremendous audits that required everyone to be more focused on their work and other extra work-related stuff. Thankfully, we’ve fruitfully passed all these audits with satisfactory ratings!

Moving forward to the present year, 2012, we re-formatted our then MoveAbility crew and made a new name called Project Mickey – with new handpicked members, who are expected to lead ‘fun’ activities for the year. With the new name comes the same purpose and vision – to bring forth fun and excitement to the US Mobility family, and initiate activities that will encourage everyone in the team to practice work-life balance. We already have a roster of ‘funtivities’ lined up for the entire year, but let me share to you first our opening funtivity – the Mobilympics 2012!

With an unquestionably successful Mobilympics in 2010, and as one of the project heads this year, there’s a mixed emotion of excitement and pressure. The challenge was to let the present members feel the same fulfillment achieved by those who attended the past Mobilympics.

Mobilympics 2012 wasn’t really just a one-day activity, as we also held pre-event activities held in the office, and around the Eastwood City. There was a Wear Your Color Friday, where everyone was asked to wear their team color during the Friday shift, and the team with the most number of worn clothes, accessories and other ‘wearable’ stuff representing their team color wins. Everyone was so competitive that there were improvised accessories worn during the game! How about converting a LAN cable into a belt, a plastic bag into a cap, a set of toys pinned on a shirt, a flower as a hair accessory? Way too creative and resourceful, right?

Wear Your Color Friday... Guess who won?

There were also rounds of Totally Random Quiz sent through emails with questions that oblige the participants to go down the building and look for answers. Questions like: how many lines are there in the pedestrian lane in front of TGIFriday’s, whose star lays in a specific spot in Eastwood City Walk, how much items cost if bought in 7-Eleven, and other intellectual, sometimes IBM-related trivia questions.

On the last day before the event itself, The Race was held also around Eastwood! The Amazing Race-like game tested the participants’ ability to answer questions and perform tasks through clues while ensuring that they finish with the least time.

And finally, after a number of reschedules due to the erratic weather, the most-awaited Sunday has arrived! The competition started as early as the sun has risen in Eastwood. An Early Bird Award was given to the team who completed its members first, which earned them extra points. Then at exactly 7:00 AM, we all left Eastwood via an exclusive bus, to go to the venue, The Spring of Life Adventure Campsite in Antipolo City. It was about an hour of travel from Eastwood to the venue. 

Giving last minute instructions to the teams.

Upon arriving, the action and the more intense competition mood instantly surrounded the campsite. Each team found their own nook and gave themselves a last-minute practice for their cheers!

Then after half an hour, all teams were gathered at the camp’s amphitheater. The program started off with an Opening Prayer and a short message from the camp’s head facilitator. He also explained the essence of team-building, and taught important and valuable lessons that we have to bear in mind during and even after the team-building. 

The head campsite facilitator giving the house (camp) rules.

Afterwhich, the battle began with the cheering competition! Each team showcased unique gimmicks during the performances. Props, yells, creative lyrics, exceptional dance moves and even an unexpected rap-off from some unexpected teammates were all present at the cheering competition! 

Red and Yellow team cheers the crowd. (They placed 2nd, next to our team! Haha!)

Then, a series of mind-challenging and physically-taxing combination of activities finally dared the participants. Teams compete against each other with Skin the Snake and Pass the Plate, then simultaneously finished other games such as the Log Dance, Giant Jump Rope and Trust Fall. After every activity, the facilitators also took the liberty to ask questions and later on explain the essence and the lesson learned in each activity. 

Skin the Snake
Pass the Plate

Purple and orange team showing another strategy of passing the plate.

Blue Team on the Log Dance

Purple and Orange team on the Log Dance
Blue Team on Trust Fall
Blue Team on the Giant Jump Rope

Food was also served during lunch break courtesy of Jollibee! Lunch break also meant break from the competition as everyone happily shared their meals to everyone, may it be a teammate or not. After an hour of break, the activities resumed, this time, with all the teams working together.

The afternoon games started off with the Magic Carpet, where all the participants from the competing teams stepped on an extra large ‘carpet’ and had to get a secret message underneath it. Teamwork was evident here, regardless of the team members. 

Looking for the secret message.

After the Magic Carpet was the finale activity – my favorite, Mud Slide! I have requested from the camp facilitators to let us do the Mud Slide again since I really enjoyed it from the last time. However, it was a bit different this time since the facilitators immediately let us combine again with all other teams. Anyway, it didn’t make the activity less fun – it was still dirty and exciting! You can see everyone’s effort to reach the top while crawling at the slimy and slippery tarpaulin! Everybody ended up wet! 

Mud Slide!

Yes, we all did this!

Since we already ran out of time, we no longer gathered at the amphitheater for the announcement of winners. Mythical Five were chosen and were awarded medals. Hepa (Yellow and Red) team won the Best Flag, while our team, Blue-Green won the Best Cheer and were also declared as the Overall Champion! Yeyyy!

The Mythical Five
Red and Yellow team won Best Flag
Blue-Green as Champions!

It was definitely another momentous event for the folks of US Mobility! It is not the grand venue and the fabulous prizes that matter during the day; but the strong bonding that was formed, and the realization of how important and significant an individual’s role is in a team that was etched in the hearts of everyone.

With another successful run of Mobilympics this year, there’s not a doubt in my mind that there’s another Mobilympics to be looked forward to in 2013! Yeah? Yeah!

Blue Team posed for posterity

* Photos by Jeiz Robles

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