Lake Caliraya Adventures

It was indeed my pleasure to be invited by my former team to join their self-initiated teambuilding, not as a participant, but again, as their facilitator.

I certainly was excited for the trip because this was my first time to go to Caliraya Resort in Lumban, Laguna, and what made it even better was that I’m going there with less damage on my pocket! The team paid for my room share and some other resort fees! Yay!! Another reason that made me excited was the zorb ball – I’ve been longing to try a zorb ball since the first time I saw one on TV!

The Lake

Being vampires (night shift folks), we were all restless and tired from a long night’s work but the early 7:00 AM call time for the trip wasn’t at all a problem. Everyone seemed to be fully charged even inside the van on our way to Laguna!

We left Eastwood at past 8:00 AM, and arrived at the Caliraya Resort and Recreation Center at around 11:00 AM. We just checked-in at our room, assigned our beds, and left our bag so we could get to the restaurant for lunch. We got our group a duplex room, which consists of 5 double decks at the ground floor, and I think 7 mattresses at the attic. There are 2 comfort rooms which have 3 shower rooms, 1 toilet room and 1 sink each, so there was really no queuing at the wash room.

Just arrived!
Glad to still be invited by my former teammates, the US Accounting Services Team.

The resort’s restaurant also served great food! Breakfast, lunch and dinner – all buffet! Dining at their restaurant certainly feels like heaven. By the way, they have their jeepneys that would take you from your room to the restaurant so you may save your legs from walking too much.

After having our first sumptuous meal, we finally began with the main purpose why we’re at the resort – team building! While brainstorming with two other co-facilitators for the Amazing Race, the teams simultaneously prepared for their cheers and yells. It took us at least half an hour to finalize the tasks. Though it was really tiring considering the resort’s vast area, the Amazing Race was a good way for us to roam around the resort. They have certain locations perfect for the race tasks such as the hanging bridge, basketball court, playgrounds, viewing decks and more.

Part of the Obstacle Course

After the Amazing Race, it was time for their cheering! I didn’t plan to give them a cheering competition but they seemed to be prepared with their props and stunts. 

After the cheering, we finally used the resort’s readily-available team-building facilities! We first tried the Obstacle Course, where everyone gamely outshined each other as they rapidly finished the course. Then we’re off to the Pinoy Slide, which wasn’t actually good for team-building because some don’t function well, and it’s a box-office thing for not-so-little kids. We still tried though and played with the slides just for fun.

Pinoy Slide

Next is the Earth Ball. Guests use the Earth Ball in their own way – some played with it like a soccer ball, while some, including us, played it as volleyball. They have nets and goals for however you choose to play it!

Hit them Earth Ball

Unfortunately, one of our friends accidentally got injured and broke his arm while playing Earth Ball, and thankfully, the resort has its “First Aid team” who were instantly on the rescue. They even took our friend to the nearest hospital and reimbursed what our friend had spent for his arm operation. Yes, he had his arm operation in the nearest hospital. Ouch! 

What was more exciting and I’m sure is the most memorable to the rest of my gang and the rest of the visitors was the Mud Slide. I wasn’t able to experience this since my arm injury was still fresh during this time, but from what I saw, my friends really loved it! In fact, I lost count on how many rounds they had repeated sliding! And, since I have no idea on how to convert the mud-sliding thing into a scored game, I just took pictures while they’re at it. To everyone’s surprise, their most memorable photos are with them ‘unconsciously drinking’ mud! Sounds fun?

Mud Slide

For the night’s activities, the resort offers bonfires and videokes for the guests to enjoy. Their swimming pools are also open until 10:00 in the evening while their canteen closes at 11:00 PM. They only have limited bonfires and videokes, and we were not able to get one for our group so we decided to just lie on the grass in front of our room, and pleased ourselves with the usual unlimited chit-chats. To our surprise, the resort had a 5-minute fireworks display at midnight! 

On the next day, we were able to try their zip line and zorb ball. Zip line costs Php150 (regular) and Php200 (superman), while riding a zorb ball costs Php200 per pair. We only had limited hours before our check-out time so we were not able to try other fun-tivities such as bungee jumping, wall climbing, rappelling, Jet Ski riding, kayaking, canoeing and more.

Zip Lines

Zorb Ball

Well, our 24-hour stay in the resort was just enough for us to enjoy our team bonding. A tip of advice for future Caliraya visitors was to come to the resort early, especially during peak season. Yes the resort has lots of free amenities, but you have to compete with the other guests on using them – ala first come first serve basis. Use ‘em when their free! It’s a different case maybe if you avail of their team-building package, where they provide a facilitator for your group.

Amidst the limited hours we had spent in the resort, we still had a great time! Indeed, our team had formed a greater and stronger bond. At the end of the day, it’s not how fantastic the venue is that matters, but it’s still the warm company, indefinable time and gullible stories you shared with your folks that will forever be treasured.
At the attic
Inside our cottage.

Here's the cottage where we stayed.

Ready for the 5 min. boat ride. Ba-bye, Caliraya!

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