Chef Boy Logro Helps Rocco for His Father's Day Surprise

My dad is my personal idol when it comes to cooking. He is the type of dad who always ensures that his children will love what he cooks. Well, he never failed to impress us with his cooking. He is known in our place as someone who cooks really well anyway.

Rocco is now ready to cook!

This Father’s Day, how about taking our dads to a treat with our own cooked recipe? Let’s surprise them with our skills in the kitchen! But how can a person like me who has never been successful in the kitchen do this? 

Rocco Nacino is just like me, he was never good in the kitchen. Admittedly, Rocco never tried his luck in the kitchen and he’s now having problems on how to congratulate and impress his dad on Father’s Day. 

Thankfully enough, Chef Boy Logro is so friendly and cool to have willingly helped Rocco prepare a special dish for his Dad. With Chef Boy’s help, Rocco was able to prepare a Special Crispy Pata and a Peach-Mango Smoothie for his dad. 

Rocco attentively listens to Chef Boy
Yummy Peach-Mango Smoothie!

Watch how Rocco learned the preparation of these dishes as he listened earnestly to Chef Boy’s advice and tips. Catch them on the Father’s Day Special of Idol sa Kusina on June 10, 2012, Sunday at 7:00 PM, only on GMA News TV Channel 11. 

- Master chef in Oriental, Mediterranean and Western cuisines.
- Finished international culinary training in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, Singapore and Japan.
- First Filipino executive chef in 5-star hotels in the Philippines
- President, Hotel and Restaurant Chefs Association of the Philippines
- Executive chef in the royal kitchen of the Sultan of Oman
- Founder of CLICKS (Chef Logro Institute of Culinary and Kitchen Services)

Me with Chef Boy at the dressing room.

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