Philippine Fashion Week Holiday Collection: Michael Cinco + Rajo Laurel for Bench

The night before the event, I received a text message from a good friend, saying he got me a ticket for the finale of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 CollectionMichael Cinco and Rajo Laurel Revolution for Bench. This got me excited since it was my first time to attend such glamorous fashion event. 

Got to the SMX Convention Center and found Rocco Nacino's family, joined them and found ourselves good seats, however, I was still unable to get good photos. Damn! Guess I need to buy a better camera. :/

The first show was for Michael Cinco’s creations and the launch of Impalpable EDT for Bench. It was a show filled with marvelous gowns and dramatic production, with stunning models doing what they do best. What made the show even more exciting were the appearances of former America’s Next Top Model contestants, Dominique Reighard (Cycle 10) and Allison Harvard (Cycle 12). It was definitely a first-class couture wonderland!

The fabulous setup for Michael Cinco's couture wonderland.

ANTM Cycle 10's Dominique Reighard
ANTM Cycle 12's Allison Harvard

Michael Cinco with Dominique Reighard and Allison Harvard 

The second show for Bench was for Rajo Laurel’s creations. The show was themed Rajo: Uno Dos (Rajo Revolution), with the concept of a showdown. From an elegant show from Michael Cinco’s , Rajo’s show was more fun and party-like. 

The queue to the Bench Rajo show
The stage for the Bench Rajo Revolution

It was also good seeing artists from rival networks to perform together. It was like a combination of ASAP 2012 and Party Pilipinas! 

Sam Concepcion and Enchong Dee were the  first ones to come out, then were eventually joined by Bench fellow Bench endorsers Sarah Lahbati, Steven Silva, Joseph Marco, Regine Angeles, Enzo Pineda and Rocco Nacino.  

Sam Concepcion and Enchong Dee

Sarah Lahbati, Steven Silva, Joseph Marco and Sam Concepcion 

Enchong Dee and Rocco Nacino
Rocco Nacino was one of the most applauded on the dancefloor.

The UP Pep Squad and the CCP Bobcats also had a showdown and had boasted their fly-in-the-air moves! 

Another twist in the show was Rajo Laurel performing (doing a simple rap) the theme song of Rajo: Uno Dos., even calling his experience a “dream come true.”

The UP Pep Squad battled with the CCP Bobcats
Rajo Laurel performed the Uno Dos theme song.

Of course, THE Ben Chan delivered his simple thank you message to all the guests. 

After the show, the stage instantly became a dance floor as everyone joined the party. Spotted were couple Georgina Wilson and Borgy Manotoc, Joey Mead, Divine Lee, Tim Yap, Raymond Gutierrez, G. Toengi, designer Francis Libiran, GMA Artist Center head Arsi Baltazar, and a lot more celebrities.

Enchong Dee, Tim Yap, Regine Angeles, Rocco Nacino, Georgina Wilson
Rocco Nacino
Beautiful Sarah Lahbati

Gorgeous Georgina Wilson
"THE" Ben Chan (sorry about the not-so-quality picture, poor lighting)

Well, I may have been disappointed with the pictures I took, but I was still glad and happy to be there! After all, it was my first time to watch a “real” fashion show!! It was a momentous event for me seeing gorgeous models wearing fabulous creations by renowned designers, and of course, supporting a good friend as he struts on the runway. It was indeed one incredibly awesome night! And, it’s the Philippine Fashion Week finale! 

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  1. i just wanna ask kung may difference ba pag guest list ka ng isang designer sa actual ticket?