The Boracay Escapade

November 2011 – I had my first airplane ride and my first experience of the World’s 2nd Best Beach, Boracay. I know that this beach needs no further description as it is already famous not just to the Filipinos, but also to the foreign citizens.

Well I’m not really a beach fan, but Boracay made me one! Perfect sunset, finest white sands, crystal clear waters, crazy parties, friendly locals, beautiful people! The numerous activities you can enjoy within the island also add up to the reasons to enjoy Boracay.

La Carmela de Boracay
Sexy girls in bikinis!

We arrived in Boracay at around 4:00 PM and checked-in at La Carmela de Boracay Resort Hotel (we got it cheap through Ensogo). Since it was already late to try some activities plus we were tired from the plane-van-boat-tricycle ride, we just decided to stay by the shore, wait for some friends who arrived on the island a day ahead, and watched sunset. It was really fantastic! Definitely the best sunset I’ve ever seen!

The best way to kill time while waiting for the sunset? Take pictures!

Perfect sunset, isn't it?
Crystal clear waters. Magnificent sunset.

Our second day on the island was dedicated to the activities the island could offer. Now get this, you really have to be good when getting a deal or package. We got a package worth Php900 which already included the ATV ride, helmet diving, snorkeling and parasailing. Not bad, eh?

Got a bit disappointed with the ATV ride as I was expecting to drive on a rough and muddy land, but ended up driving it on an ascending zigzag highway. The drive was worth it though since our destination gave us a 360-degree view of the island. Awesome!

Ready for a fun-filled day!
The zigzag ATV trail.
Yeah, boi!
360-degree view of the island. Our ATV trail's finish point.

Snorkeling wasn’t that fun as well, as there weren’t that much fishes and corals, as compared to Puerto Galera.  Thank God that we were able to try helmet diving, where we had the chance to feed the fishes, and dive deep into the middle of the ocean. Yay! It was 25 ft. deep, I guess.

Bonding with the fishes.
Fun with the fishes!
These fishes amazed me! The locals cooked one of those I'm holding for our lunch.

Another thing I enjoyed was parasailing. It’s amazing how we sailed across the beach riding on a boat being controlled by the winds. I had doubt at first whether or not it was safe, but realized later that it was actually much safer than the motored boats.


Most of my friends seemed to be tired and decided to give themselves some rest after a day filled with activities, maybe to prepare themselves for the beach party, but together with some pals, I went straight to the other side of the island to try skimboarding. Yay! But since I’m not good at balancing, I have accepted the fact that I can’t be a good wake boarder. I wasn’t able to manage a long skimboard slide despite having a personal trainer. Nevertheless, I loved the experience of trying it and will definitely do it again next time.

Okay, this isn't me. I have no blog-worthy picture enjoying the skimboard
One of Boracay's most famous landmark, the grotto (which is also the skimboarding area).

After an activity-filled day, we finally freshened up and went straight to grab a sumptuous dinner at one of the Eat-All-You-Can restaurants near the D*Mall (sorry, their food was so delicious that I forgot the restaurant’s name!).

I love their grilled fresh oyster! Unlimited!

Then it was party time. I’m known to my friends to be a party-lover and someone who loves to drink so I was so excited for this. We chose to spend the night partyin’ at Club Summer Place (one of the locals we’ve talked to had suggested this place), where we shared drinks and danced with the foreign visitors. It was one amazing party! Foreign turistas were so generous to give us some drinks! Yay! There also were girls who had gone wild on the dancefloor! Whew! We borrowed the famous Vegas’ line to sum up our night: What happens in Bora stays in Bora!!

Some of our 'safe' pictures at the bar. Haha!
Need proof of how wild the Boracay parties are? And NO, I DON'T SMOKE.

The inevitable jumpshot.
Indeed, I had my best beach experience in Boracay, not only because of its undoubtedly wonderful water and sands, but also because of its wonderful people – locals and tourists, and all the activities I got to experience and share with my friends. Truly, Boracay is one great place everyone should visit! I’m sure that my first Boracay getaway won’t be my last. I will certainly be going back to Boracay.

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  1. I also enjoyed Boracay, like you did! My first time in Boracay was definitely fun. I enjoyed everything - the beach itself, water, sand, boracay resorts, food, night life, as in everything!