Rocco's Christmas with the Kids of Onesimo Bulilit Foundation

 “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the Heavenly Lights.” – James 1:17

Yesterday, I had the chance to do again two things I love doing – hosting and doing charity work. Thanks to good friend, actor Rocco Nacino, and his family.

Doing charity work and gift-giving has been a yearly tradition of the Nacino family, as their way of paying forward all the blessings they receive through the year. This year, they chose the kids of Onesimo Bulilit Foundation as their beneficiary. Aside from Rocco’s immediate family, some cousins, aunts and uncles also graced the event. Some members of Rocco’s fan club, Roccofellas, also joined the activity.

It’s a cliché that Christmas is for the children, it’s more special for them, so I took the liberty and asked some of the kids why and what they love about Christmas and some of the answers were:

“Sa Christmas ko lang po kasi nakakasama ang pamilya ko.”
“Umuuwi po kami sa probinsya ‘pag Pasko.”
“Madami po kasing regalo ‘pag Pasko. Tsaka masaya kasi madaming nakakasama tsaka nakakalarong mga bata.”

It was a fun-filled afternoon in Jollibee in Acacia Lane, Mandaluyong, as the kids enjoyed the food, games and prizes specially prepared for them. They even prepared a special dance number. They also had fun dancing with the most famous bee in town, Jollibee. Rocco also gamely joined the kids in some of the games, and even did the dougie (Teach Me How to Dougie). 

After all the fun and excitement with the parlor games, the kids received special gifts from the Nacino family and some sponsors – a Christmas basket containing lots and lots of food, toys, chocolates, fruits and vitamins. It was a sight to behold seeing the smiles from the kiddos’ faces as we handed them their gifts. The spirit of love, joy and giving surrounded the venue, making all the kids feel the true meaning and warmth of Christmas.

Tita Linda (Rocco’s mom) and Rocco’s Christmas messages and wishes wrapped up the event for the kids of Onesimo.

Get-together Party with the Roccofellas

After the gift-giving and charity party with the kids, Rocco also shared his valuable time with his loyal and ever-supportive fans. There were parlor games as well. Some trivias about Rocco were asked during one of the games, and of course, as expected, all of the fans knew the answers too well.

Rocco gave away some gifts also via a raffle draw – colognes, bags and shoes from Bench, shoes from Skechers and another pair of shoes from Zara! I put my name on the box as well and unfortunately and as expected, I did not win any – I was never lucky in raffle draws!

A twist in the party was Rocco’s surprise to his mom and dad for their Silver Wedding Anniversary! Tito Ralph and Tita Linda have been so supportive of Rocco in his career, and were also kind and appreciative to his fans. Fans love them, too! Members of the Roccofellas Club also gave their personal messages and wishes to the happily-married couple.

Then, after all the games and surprises, Rocco was kind enough to accommodate all the fans’ requests for pictures, fan signs and autographs.


It was indeed a fun experience celebrating Christmas with the Nacino family. They are a family with a good heart and they truly deserve all the special blessings they continuously receive. No doubt that our Creator loves to smile at them.

Have a blessed Christmas and a joyful New Year, everyone!!

Here are some photos (apologies for the poor quality):

All set for the party

The kiddos seem excited for their party
I'm tryin' to get the kiddos' attention here.
The kids were all participative during the games.

Enjoying their meals

Can't help but smile when I saw this kid taking care of the younger kid.
The kids of Onesimus prepared a special number.
Still a kid at heart, Rocco joined the kids as they pose with Jollibee.

The kids lined up to receive their gifts.

Enjoyed doing this.
Rocco gave his Christmas message and wishes to the kids.

The kids and staffs of Onesimus asked for autographs on their shirts and phones!
Some Roccofellas
There were games for the Roccofellas also.
The winner of Rocco's pair of Zara shoes.

Another game for the Roccofellas
The surprise cake for Tito Ralph and Tita Linda
Rocco's parents Tito Ralph and Tita Linda, and Kyle (Rocco's younger brother)
Tito Ralph and Tita Linda shared the cake with the Roccofellas.
Autograph signing time!

Rocco with the Roccofellas
Staffs from Jollibee also asked for a picture with Rocco.
Creative gifts from some Roccofellas
Rocco with his loving and supportive parents.
Tried a goofy shot
Don't worry, this was just a friendly match.

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  1. They're truly Blessed and A Blessing to others.
    I wish to meet them all one day : )
    Thanks for the picture MrJumboy