Eastwood City is Now a PLDT WiFi Zone

Yes! thanks to PLDT for making this happen! Everyone in Eastwood can now experience Wi-Fi like no other! Premium Wi-Fi for everyone until November 30. Come and experience it, guys!

Now, updating your Twitter and Facebook statuses while roaming around Eastwood is so much possible. Get easily connected to the internet using your wifi-capable gadgets --phones, tablets, Blackberries, laptops, etc. -- just look for the establishments with the PLDT WiFi Zone logo, connect to your wifi, and boom! you're instantly connected.

The PLDT WiFi Zone Raid
Last October 29, the PLDT WiFi Zone Raid Crew, spearheaded by GMA-7 primetime actor and good friend, Rocco Nacino, invaded Eastwood as they officially declared the Eastwood City as a PLDT WiFi Zone! 

Rocco Nacino led the PLDT WiFi Zone Raid Crew
The Raid Crew hotties

Surprising the bystanders at the different establishments around Eastwood, the Raid Crew generously gave away exclusive and limited-edition PLDT merchandise to those who get connected via the PLDT WiFi. Not to mention, I was one of the several winners! Hehe!

The Crew Dancer and the mascot provided entertainment.
The crew assists the bystanders on how to use the Premium WiFi.

Some lucky winners were given special prizes.
PLDT also gave chance to those who weren't able to bring their gadgets, as they let them log-in to their Facebook accounts using the PLDT Watchpad. 

Rocco did a good job hosting the event.

Rocco was joined by Jimmy Muna.
It was indeed a long and fun day for the people around Eastwood, as the event lasted from 4:00 PM til 9:00 PM. Aside from the free WiFi access and the give-aways, bits of entertainment were also provided by the crew, and the PLDT mascot. Btw, Jimmy Muna also joined Rocco hosting the event.

Rocco gamely joined the event until the evening.

For more details on the PLDT WiFi Zone Raids and where you can experience WIFi Like No Other, please visit www.pldtwifizone.com.

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