Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa

It was my first time to watch an indie film last night and I could say it was worth my time.

The indie film I watched was not the typical indie film most would initially think. It was a gay film, but NOT the usual gay film which is mostly associated with the same-sex love scenes with numerous skin exposures, and foul words. I watched a sophisticatedly-crafted and praiseworthy indie movie, which earned a warm appreciation from the moviegoers after the last scene. I’m talking about “Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa” written and directed by Alvin Yapan, produced by Mr. Alem Ang.

Sayaw was shown in SM Megamall Cinema 7

Sayaw was actually screened last July at this year’s Cinemalaya Film Festival and its screenings were all sold-out. It also won Best Music and Best Cinematography in this prestigious film festival. Also this year, the film was nominated as Best Feature Film for the Halekulani Golden Orchid Award at the Hawaii International Film Festival, and won a Bronze Prize at the Bogota International Film Festival in Colombia.

Rocco with his mom, producer Alem Ang, and some Roccofellas at SM Megamall

Sayaw initially targeted the LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual and Transgenders) crowd as it combines dance, poetry and gender issues, but because of all the positive reviews the film continuously received, it has attracted the “mainstream” crowd as well. Rated PG-13 by MTRCB and graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB), it got some slots in selected SM and Ayala Cinemas and these theaters started showing it yesterday, October 26.

The film features veteran actress, Jean Garcia in a unique love triangle with equally great new actors, Rocco Nacino and Paulo Avelino.  Jean, who plays Karen, a literature teacher who also moonlights as a dance teacher, once again proves her acting prowess in the film. With her still-sexy physique, playing the role of a relaxed and lovely teacher who is at times a topic of her students was an easy job for Jean. She delivered what was always expected of her – an excellent performance.

Paulo Avelino plays the role of Marlon, a student failing in literature class who admires his teacher, Karen. To give himself the opportunity to talk and draw a close relationship with his teacher, he enrolls in Karen’s dance class. Paulo was able to portray this well and has effectively shown his admiration to Jean. His dancing skills are surprising.

Rocco Nacino, who is a shocker in this film, was so incredibly brilliant that you wouldn’t think he’s a newbie. He plays the role of Dennis, a student who is good in dance, who Marlon hires to tutor him in dancing in order to impress Karen. With the expressive eyes that Rocco possesses, he successfully conveyed his emotions through his poetic lines and moves. He effectively delivered the film’s message with his natural acting. He was able to show his unreciprocated love towards Marlon, even without uttering the words directly.

Having taken these daring roles, Paulo and Rocco undoubtedly elevated their levels as serious actors. They have proven themselves worthy of the showbiz spot that they are enjoying now. This film will definitely jumpstart their careers. In fact, their dance is one of the film’s most talked-about scenes.

As respected journalist Ricky Lo articulated, “Paulo and Rocco had the right dance moves to stardom.” Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, Paulo and Rocco earn themselves some acting awards.


  1. Loved this film when I saw it sa Cinemalaya. It has all the elements - good script, effective actors, nice cinematography and the moving music. Also the dance choreography and the tribute to some of our poets. Sana damihan pa ang screening nito. Balita ko nag-pull out na sa ibang cinemas eh :|

  2. Hi Mica! Yes, sad nga eh. Super limited lang ang cinemas na nagpalabas, some even offered a very late timeslot na. Anyway, thanks sa support. Nood ka ulit! Hehe..

  3. yes nman may blog ka pala Jim.!havent watched this sa cinelmalaya kasi pagpunta ko dun halos lahat ng shows sold out na tickets..hahahaha!kaya sa cinema nlng ako nanonood nung nagkare-run..

  4. Darwin, oo, may blog ako, pero I'm not as active as you guys. Dali, nood ka na!