Nature and Adventure in PugAd Resort

Here is one really late post. Couldn't believe this happened a couple of months ago already, as the adventures still stay fresh to me. This is my Inang and I's post birthday celebration with our family at the Pugo Adventure Resort (PugAd) in Pugo, La Union last August 7.

Heard so many positive reviews about this particular resort so our family decided to go, since it's just a-little-more-than-an-hour-travel away from our home. It is not just a resort for swimming, as they also offer ziplines ATVs and wall climbing. Their pools, the normal - they have several pools which cater the kids and the adults, and the 5-12 ft. deep swimmer's pool.

An advantage of the resort though is that it brings you closer to nature. Compared to other resorts which are situated in a wide-empty lot, with no other backgrounds but the man-made landscapes, this resort has the mountain at its background. You'll simply fall in love with nature as the trees of the mountains refreshes your eyes. You'll love hearing the raging waters from the river, which you have to cross through the hanging bridge.

Also, they have their own aviary inside the resort, where you can find some cute (not sure if they're endangered) birds, and snakes.

Then, the fun and adventure with your loved ones. Well, thanks to Inang's watch which she accidentally dropped into the river while passing through the hanging bridge, our outing had become more exciting and more adventure-filled. It could've been an ordinary family outing had we just stayed at the 'usual' pool. The resort's admin told us that we were the first ones to try and enjoy the river's raging water and large rocks.

'Twas indeed one of the best adventure/birthday celebration I've had! 

Let these photos speak:

No alcohol allowed inside, so we just put our brandy in a tumbler. Clever!
Touchdown, Pugad!
The pool that welcomes their guests.
Here's how to get to the other attractions of the resort. It's about 20
With Dok Pelo at the hanging bridge.
Here's a real challenge when crossing the river.

Their resort's name, landscaped, is a favorite picture spot.
With JM

 Their cottages

One of the birds in their aviary
Roam around the resort separately, and eventually found themselves in this spot.

The ladies simply posed.

The search for Inang's watch...

Gold watch, found! Good job, Dok!

How to get to the river.
Enjoying the strong waves
We spent most of our time in the river.

I'm lovin' the waves!
Can you see my wakeboard?
It's a challenge to be still when you're at this river!

Lunch time!
Enjoyin' lunch while watching those in ziplines.

My sister, Gaile (in pink), with cousins Jam (in blue) and Carla (in black).

Enjoyin' some water fun.

Picture time.
Because I took their group pic, I earned my solo.  =)

Father and son bonding

Cousins bond.
Took a rest from swimming ang played with their albino python.
Back to the rocks.
Another group/family picture, this time with the raging waters.

Some tried the zipline after getting tired of swimming.
Here's what the kids say about the resort and the family outing.

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