Birthday Boy Jimboy

With my team undergoing a corporate audit during my birthday, I didn't plan to have any celebration, not even availing a "Birthday Leave."

However, being spontaneous as I am, I still had the chance to celebrate it in many simple ways. It started earlier and hasn't ended on my actual special day.

Started my birthday week by attending a Sunday mass with my Sweetie at the Greenbelt Chapel, then watched a 3D movie and had simple dinner at Greenbelt. It was a great way to start my birthday week.

Sweetie, waiting for 8:00 PM showing at Greenbelt 3
Then the night before my birthday, a friend gave me free tickets to the premiere night of a Tom Hanks film, Larry Crowne, which I gamely shared with my friends and officemates, Lei and Jill. Thank goodness we're lucky enough to have good managers who allowed us to come to work late so we could avail the privilege. Thank you also to my movie-buff friend, Eva, for the free VIP tix at Gateway Cineplex!

Free VIP tickets!

Waiting for the film to start. We've got the best seats!
Played with the camera while waiting for the movie to start.

After the movie, we went straight to the office to go back to the usual busy workday. Then I checked my Facebook and I had a long chat with my favorite person, my Tay, Cj Vidal, who was also the first person to greet me this year. He's now enjoying his vacation in Canada (work from Canada, actually) and I super appreciate his efforts to greet me not just once, but several times. I had a great chat with him as I drew close to my birthday and we had the same wishes for each other -- a break, time to rest.

Working night shift and acting busy with the audit to-do's, I didn't realize the ticking of the clock as it reached 12:00 AM of August 3, until some teammates sang a shy version of the Happy Birthday song, with one of them holding a cake. I can't believe I got a little teary-eyed with the surprise from my former team.

Surprise cake, Mango Cake from Dulcinea

Enjoying my birthday continued for the rest of the day as I read the birthday email blast from my One Mobility family.

The birthday greeting from One Mobility, via IBM email :)

I gladly obliged myself to say thanks and comment back to each birthday greeting posted on my Facebook wall as well. I was so overwhelmed by the countless greetings I received, yeah, it's kinda tiring responding to them one by one, but it's no big deal, I had fun doing that!

Another 'first' that happened during my special day was the sleepover I had at the house of one of my closest pals in the office, Fil. Well it was such a pleasure to be welcomed in their house, no celebration, but at least I got to use their internet connection to continue responding to Facebook greetings. Haha! It was my first time to celebrate my day with somebody else's family. Glad his mom's a good cook! :)

While at Fil's house, I also got some (and missed some) phonecalls from friends who wanted to greet me. Gladly appreciate my fellow volunteers for researching on my mobile number just to send me their birthday greetings. I wasn't able to distribute the new number I'm using since I lost my phone, so thanks to those who successfully found my number and gave me a call and a text message.

Went to work for the August 3 shift and surprise for this day came from my present teammates - Chris, Fil and Tom, and a good friend, Tin. We simply shared a simple lunch from Cainta's best panciteria, Cha-Fine.

Pancit from Cha-fine Panciteria

With my team: Tom (our manager), Chris (our muse?) and Fil (nevermind).

One call I anticipated was a call from my bestfriend, Juff, who is already leaving the country the morning after my birthday. Missed his previous call attempts (I was asleep, or was too busy that I didn't notice my phone ringing), and finally got the one call when he was already checked in at the airport, waiting for his flight to New York. Yeah it was sweet, but I wasn't able to be sweet enough to talk to him longer because I had to get some month-end tasks done. So, we just had a quick exchange of Happy Birthday and Bon Voyage wishes. It was frustrating not being able to have a long talk with my bestfriend on his last day in the Philippines for this year, and not being able to have our usual "mahabang kwentuhan" on my birthday, but at least, we still found time to hear each other quickly. We can always catch up on some other day anyway! Thanks to Skype and Facebook and roaming. Hehehe! =)

It was no longer my day when my former team, the Mobility Accounting team, invited me to a breakfast treat - which is a treat to themselves as well for accomplishing their extremely-stressing month-end tasks after their critical workday. It was a fun-filled breakfast at Yellow Cab.
Last piece of Manhattan Meatlovers

Flanked by Ronnie, Jervy and Erikka

My former team, Mobility and Payroll Accounting Team

My birthday wasn't as grand as other people's celebration, no physical gifts received (because some gifts were given in advance) but indeed, it was a great day to celebrate life with a bunch of friends!

Celebration with my family coming up this weekend! Yayyy! =)

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