Petra Mahalimuyak

I’m an instant fan of this funny Filipina, who is now based in Las Vegas. She’s becoming a Youtube sensation now with her exaggerated Filipino accent, and considered as the female version of another Filipino entertainer Mikey Bustos.

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Ashley Rivera aka Petra Mahalimuyak. :)

Here are some of her videos I like:

Her first video:

Binibining Pilipinas-inspired:

My personal favorite:

And here's her responses to her haters.. Yes, she has haters.

She's a good dancer, btw, and she has proven it in her latest video:

Hope you enjoyed her! I mean, her videos. =)


  1. I became an instant fan too the moment I saw her "British accent" vid. I posted it on my FB and everybody loves her. Very witty and phuneee! lol!