IBM-US Mobility Accountants Receive the Operational Excellence Award

Every year, IBM gives out awards to their most achieving teams and individuals, and this year, I'm just so proud that my team has been chosen to receive the Operational Excellence Award for 4Q of 2010.

The Accounting Team accepts the award with Tom, MB, Rina and Liza

Held at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel in Libis, Quezon City in April 29, 2011, the award was granted to the team members Jill, Poo, Shieng, newly-promoted 1st Line Operations Manager Ronnie, and myself. We were joined by our managers, MB Fernandez, Tom Veloso, Rina IbaƱez and Liza Barrios. Too bad, team member Mcgee wasn't able to go to the event due to work deadlines.

Bobby Claros, Director of Operations
Candy Soto, BPD Manila Delivery Center Leader
Sharing the table with us are Shiela (Service Delivery Manager), Kelly (Associate Delivery Project Executive), Mau (Business Operations Manager) and Tom (Senior 2nd Line Operations Manager).

Rodrigo Cal, IBM Global Process Services Director

The IBM Management

Congratulations, Team! Continue to bring pride not only the IBM-US Mobility Family, but to the entire IBM-US Account and Mobility Domain Families!

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