Asian Food Trip Saturday

Working overtime isn't new to me and to some of my teammates -- damn, we do it almost everyday! IBM must be thankful to us because we're so kind not to claim our overtime allowances.

What's paired with our overtimes are spending with the food we eat. Yeah, we spend much on food because this is our way of treating ourselves after being so over-productive! Okay, not over-productive, over-worked, over-stressed, over-joyed, over-come over-time. (What the hell am I talking about? I'm hungry!)

One not-so-early Saturday morning (end of Friday shift), Chris decided we go and have some Taiwanese lunch, then to ERSAO we go! Yum yum lunchie!

Its facade is almost covered by electrical and cable wires
Pork Machang
Radish Cake
Shrimp Roll
Taiwanese Sausage

I'm kinda disappointed though, because I ordered the wrong drink, the one without pearls. :-(

Peach Green Tea

After having a yummy lunch, we were off to SM North EDSA to shop for Chris' socks! We strolled around the mall the entire afternoon until we felt hungry again! Time for merienda! We were just craving for halo-halo but ended up with my suggestion, Bubble Tea! I didn't know Bubble Tea had food as well, all along I thought they just serve drinks!

We found the restaurant's ambiance relaxing and modern. One look at their menu and we felt like we want to order everything! We were on a tight budget though so we just ordered our drinks, and shared the food.

Chris, tired.
Apple and I, pretending not to be tired.
Service was quick and boom! Here comes our foodie and drinksie!

Taro Milk Shake for Chris
Japanese Green Tea Milk Shake for Apple
Yocca Tea Slush for me!
TNT Salmon for us three!
It was a fun Saturday shopping and eating with good friends who are on the go for anything. =)

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