Mapandan's Most Amazing Bodies

Despite the heavy rains before the show started, the townspeople of Mapandan couldn't be stopped from watching one of the town fiesta's highlights - the first ever Invitational Bikini Open, organized and sponsored by the Mapandan Gay Association (MAGAYA).


The Mapandanians patiently waited for almost an hour until the rain finally stopped.
The male and female candidates during the opening.  
The event was hosted by ABS-CBN My Only Radio DJ Kiko Yam, also a proud Mapandanian. 
The candidates in their Broadway Bikini for the Opening Presentation.

The Amazing Gays' grand production number opened the event, simultaneously followed by the introduction of the lovely female and hunky male candidates.

Candidates were from the neighboring towns and cities such as Dagupan, Urdaneta, Baguio, La Union, and even Pasay. There were also candidates who represented Mapandan.

The sexy ladies and gents confidently strut their various bikinis. They did the ramp with their Broadway Bikinis, White Bikinis, Fashionista Bikinis, Safari Bikinis, and lastly, the Bikini of their Choice (which made the auditorium even hotter with the candidates most daring bikinis!). I also realized that the male candidates were actually more daring as they also take more time on stage! Mas matagal sila mag-moment sa stage eh! 

Pair #14 with their white bikinis
Pilipinas Got Talent contestant Francheska
Although I find this intermission a bit odd (a kid sings in an adult pageant), this Mapandanian kid really has talent. 

The finalists
Most Amazing Male Body Winner - from Malasiqui, Pangasinan
Most Amazing Female Body Winner - from Bugallon, Pangasinan

Who says 13 is a bad number? Well, not for these two as they both emerged victorious!


Here are the proud Mapandanians who gamely represented our beloved town. Apologies though for the low quality as I didn't actually plan to have this post before going to the show. I just realized that I have to when I was already watching it!

Aprilyn Amparo (#6) from Barangay Poblacion. She won Miss Shapes Salon and 3rd Runner-up.

Aprilyn in her white bikini (sorry for the poor quality)
Aprilyn in her fashionista bikini

Alexandra Abigail Bautista (#7) from Barangay Sta. Maria won Miss Photogenic and was also a Top 7 Finalist.

Abigail in her white bikini


Abigail in her fashionista bikini



Lovely Soria (#6) from Barangay Primicias.

Lovely in her white bikini
Lovely, in her fashionista bikini


Gerald Castro (#14) from Barangay Torres won Mr. Shapes Salon and also a Top 7 Finalist.

Gerald during the opening presentation, in his broadway bikini.

In his white bikini


Wearing his fashionista bikini

In his Safari bikini

Also, I just wanted to share the most commented photos in my Facebook. Check these out and find out why they are the most viewed! Congratulations to the candidates, organizers and all Mapandanians for a very successful event!

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