Mandatory Jump Shots

This was perfect! With the sun's rays as their powers!

What's the most famous pose someone would love to have when at the beach? No, not the wacky pose. It's the jump shot!

Basically done in group, we thought of having various jump shots while waiting for our jeep to arrive. Yes, the jeep which was supposed to fetch us at 2:00 in the afternoon, arrived at 7:00 in the evening! So, what more can we do to kill time? Enjoy the rest of the day!

The sunset is so awesome, it was the perfect background for our jump shots.

Jessie with the Genie Jump
This is me, doing the frog jump

Tried to do another one!

Vijay with the "called by heaven" jump

Let's do it again!
The Gay Jump!

Andrew's Michael Jordan Jump
Andrew's Egg Jump

Eddie's "reach your toes" jump!

Here's a series of the Fight shots, done by Andrew and Eddie...

And the best jump of the day, month and year...

Eddie's Split Jump! (That's me watching! Haha!)

Indeed, the Bolinao has one of the best sunsets and our jumps are the best jump shots! Hahaha!
Okay, this isn't a jump shot.

Credits to Josh Uy for the photos.

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