Escape to Bolinao

I spent my 2011 Holy Weekend in Patar Beach with some of my college friends - yes, I know I should be spending it with my family, but hey, this was totally fine, way better than working in the office, right? It was a 3-hour drive from Dagupan City and I had to force myself to enjoy my overnight stay, just so I could make the loooong trip worth it.

The sunset's always a great view.

Being a Pangasinense, I've heard so many good things about this beach paradise in our province's border, Bolinao. After 23 years, I finally got the chance to fight with the strong waves of the beach!

The beach! I am not one of those who can call themselves beach lovers. I'm not really a beach-lover, I am fine with pools if we're talking about summer outings, but well, being the adventurous type that I am, I always love to explore different places and meet different people.

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Having an outing in Patar Beach wouldn't cost much damage to your wallet. The cottages are affordable yet very convenient. We had ours at Php2,500, good for 8 people. It's like a "bahay kubo" as it also has its own kitchen. The comfort and shower rooms are located a few walks away from the cottage, and are for sharing with the peeps from the other cottages. Sharing it with the other tourists is not a problem though since it is being well-maintained by the owners. Kuya Benjie, the owner of the cottage, told us that the cottages rates are incredibly low depending on the season! (Holy week rate: Php2,500; Summer rate: Php1,500; Non-summer rate: Php800). I asked his permission to post his number and here it is -- 0910 836 6257.

Food's not a problem as well since there are canteens near the beach and the cottages. I had Papaitang Kambing for breakfast and lunch (Php65 per order). And when you feel like you can no longer take the heat, they also have their Halo-Halo (Php20).

I've done lots of ways to enjoy my trip, even if I have a slight fever during our stay in Bolinao. 

Took pictures with the beautiful beach on the background.

With fellow school volunteers
Our mentor's initial, too bad he wasn't able to come with us.
Solo with the waves!
My friends, watching out for the next big wave
So, there really are big waves.
Dancing with the waves

They also have a great sand where lots of activities are done by the tourists and local residents.

My friend, Josh, taking a photo of the 'lost' crab
The local kids, playing with the sand
Kids here are into kite-flying
I love how this kid smiles at my camera while his dad was taking a picture of him with his camera.
The sheds. I would suggest these to those having day trips

Sunset in Bolinao is simply awesome.

This is us, waiting for the sunset.
The local kids seem to be tired of playing under the sun.
Sun's nearly hiding
Jessie, playing with the sands

People seem to love watching the sunset.

Here's one of my favorite photos. We made the 'lost' crab our photo subject. I got to try my camera's settings and look what I got. I'm so thankful the crab's not camera-shy.

Truly, Bolinao is one of the best places in Pangasinan when we talk about summer destinations. Not just because they have their famous beach resorts, but they also have the friendliest people. 


  1. Nice one Jim! Hope I can visit the place too!

  2. Go ahead, Ruth! Mahaba-habang byahe nga lang.. :)

  3. hi, what is the name of the resort of Kuya Benjie where you go the cottages? Is it in Patar Beach exactly?

  4. Yes, it is in Patar Beach - no resort name (or I can't just remember.. Haha!). The cottages are just in front of the beach eh so just go straight ahead hanggang sa makarating kayo sa dulo then you'll see the cottages na. =)

  5. beautiful place!!! want to try and vist the place even if it is on the end of the world.. :) thanks JIM...


  6. dont stay at benjies cottages me and my family stayed there just this past weekend mukha syang pera at ang dami nyang binabawal sa iba nalang kayo pero wag na wag dito

  7. Clara seriously? I was just about to message him. Can anyone help me to which resort will my ofw bf can enjoy. Nakakahiya kung mukhang pera may ari

  8. Hi Clara! Thanks for sharing your experience with Benjie's cottages and I'm sorry to hear that. Haven't contacted him for over a year now.

    Hi Anonymous 3:39! If you're looking for a resort in Pangasinan, you may try Puerto Del Sol or Punta Riviera. Heard a lot of good feedback about them.

  9. dont stay at kuya benjies!! he always asks for money money money nothing else,i mean the beach is nice but i have many people sayong his resort is illegal since the beach is a public and him putting cottages at one place and calling it his resort -_- i'd rather pick a resort not in patar itself like in ilog malino since it has many resorts there and you can just go by trycicle or your transportation to patar!