Effortless Photography

iPhone's Lomo application is one of the reasons why I'm thinking of getting an iPhone! Needless to say, I love pictures - whether I'm the one being photographed, or I'm one who's taking the picture, or well, doing both at the same time.. Ha!

The app makes you an instant photographer! No need for photoshop or whatever photo editor to enhance it or to give effects. Maybe it's just me, I don't know, but every shot I take with the Lomo cam just amazes me. It's like automatically converting a simple picture into an art!

Look at my shots taken during one fine office-break.

Kuya Guard
No smoking.

Oh, we're back to the office premises! Picture-taking not allowed.
Surprise! Saw this on my workstation.
Thank God I still have my favorite drinks.
Shift's over! Time to keep my workstation violation-free!

There you go! Agree with how amazing Lomo app works?

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