Bangus Capital Unveiled Its New Seal

Dr. Carmelo John E. Vidal, the designer of Dagupan City's new corporate seal.

I couldn't help but be proud of my mentor, Tay Cj Vidal for winning the "Dagupan City Corporate Seal Redesigning Contest."

Dagupan City finally unveiled their new corporate seal in April 25, 2011.

Yes, the 68-year old seal of the city has been updated since the old seal is no longer responsive to current realities.

Old seal
New seal

With the aim to have a corporate seal that will reflect the true historical, economic, and cultural values of the city, the seal that Dr. Carmelo John E. Vidal had designed was picked among the other entries.

Congratulations Tay Cj for another milestone in your life! You are now a legend in the city of Dagupan!

We are so proud of you! :-)

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