Until We Meet Again


It doesn't mean they're gone when someone special passes on. Though they are no longer with us, and may not join our next get-together, inuman and kwentuhan, their memory will still live on.

You know what?! It hurts so much to lose a friend - especially one that is trustworthy and kind.

You are that special friend, a rare and special find.
You will always be with us in spirit and in mind.
You will always have a special place in our heart, forever until the end of time.
Thank you very much for your wonderful gift of friendship! We can't forget the fun we've had, laughing 'til our faces turn blue, talking of things only we find funny. Sing about songs that only we can sing. Speak of languages only we can understand..

Sagern.. Pwang pwang.. Kapukit... Angan! Satey! Alam mo na... Ag ka natatakot.. Masapbay ni... Sarag ko ni.. Ninimay.. Jay Sean... Sarap noh? Papetangen ko magano yay motor ay... Chamchamit..

Awit ko'y iPod, speaker la siren.. Arengel mo la may balon kansyon nen ____, marakep!... A-download mo la may balon kansyon?
I guess this is our way of saying thanks for being one of our best buddies!

We won't say "Goodbye" because this is not the end.
We'll just say, "So long.. until we meet again"
"Tol, don't forget. We're your friends, your best friends."
- Credits to Ira Gomez Calaunan for the photo

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