You Will Be Missed, Heart.

Early Wednesday morning, I had a good chat with a dear friend while he was uploading his latest pictures. We’re basically just sharing the same awe with the rising Fil-Canadian kid, Maria Aragon. Little did I know that it was going to be the last conversation we would had.

4 AM of Thursday, while being imprisoned by the non-stop meetings and innumerable deliverables, I received one of the saddest and most shocking news I’ve heard after ages, a news that got me out of focus to work on my deadlines - a good friend got into a car accident and he instantly passed away.

It’s really hard to explain what goes through your mind when a dear friend dies. It’s almost as if for a brief instant everything in time stands still but you, you can feel your heart beating in your chest rhythmically as the tears in your eyes blur the scenery around you. Your breath resembles that of an asthmatic. The air that you suck in passes through your lips in exasperated gasps and you fight hard to steady yourself on buckling knees. Your throat grows tight and sore from the tears you’ve held inside. You fight hard to remain composed while your soul cries and mourns for your loss.

So we’ve lost a friend, a real good friend.
One of my most trusted friends.
One who’s always all-ears whenever you share your triumph and sentiments.
One who’s always willing to join you during your ups and downs.
One of the easiest pal to give a call whatever time of the day.


Jay-r, Tol, Atol, Chairman, Kagawad, Heart, #1 #1 #1..

Whatever your name is, you will always be treasured. You are loved by many. You will always be with us. You’ll always be in our prayers.

We love you, Tol! We’ll definitely miss you!

If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn, people die, but love for a friend stays forever.

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