My Bestest Friend

Have you ever gone forever without seeing someone, and when you finally do, it seems like no time has lapsed at all? Yeah. That is a true best friend.

My best friend and I had an exclusive reunion a couple of months ago, and I'm glad that from then on, we are now continuously in-touch with each other. Back then, while our friendship has become so silent, I did even wish that memories had a play button, a stop button and a rewind button, so I could always come back to my favorite memories. Days when we were always found to be in the same place at the same time. Yes, we were the town's most famous tandem!

It's funny though that this time, we always have to fight and argue about anything. Well, I think I have to believe a line that I have once read which says that "a best friend is completely different yet exactly the same." True enough, my best friend always has to tell me that whenever he has the chance! The best part, however, is that nobody ever wins the fight. Who wins doesn't matter anyway!

Best friends have their ins and outs, and ours is not exempted. There are times when we are so happy and worry-free, and then there also are sober hours. Of course, these are just challenges that we all have to pass. Inevitable challenges that our tandem have been so used to. Man, we have lots of 'em during our early days! Lots of tears have been shared -- may it be tears of joy or pain or sorrow, we've had them! Tough times, paired with the most sincere tears and laughs -- these simply made a stronger bond between me and my best friend. 

Now that we're teenagers-no-more, there still are tough times which we still encounter, even tougher and crazier at that! But with all the strength that we have gathered during our younger days, c'mon, we are now courageous enough to face all these, better equipped, I must say!

Distance, long-time silence, never-ending fights, innumerable challenges -- these are important ingredients on how to cook a strong friendship, in our Webster, Bezfriendship. In the end, what matters is that we're still here and together, still alive and kicking after all the crap.

With all these, now all I have to do is to remind myself that "best friend" is not a title or a label. It is a promise.

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